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Unknown's Adventure (Alph

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Author Comments

Game is in Alpha Beta. More things are being added everyday, leave a comment on what I should add and ill put it into the game!

A- Left
D- Right
Space- Jump/DoubleJump
When you reach exit press W on the door.

Tell me what I should add and ill add it thanks guys for the support!

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For a small game, I thought it was pretty good. But I have to take half a star for the stutter-y camera work. Shifting left and right is very jarring. With a little more polish, story, and features, this could really be something.

OK, this is a GOOD game, but there are soem MAJOR flaws:

1. you need to STOP moving the camera when the character moves left/right.
(by that, i mean that the camera changes angle QUICKLY when you walk to the left, and focuses on a fast camera-pan/zoom to the left, and the same thing happens with the camera when you move to the right.)

by that, i mean that the game--camera should NOT switch BACK AND FORTH so quickly when the character moves, because it can make you dizzy, and i dont want to puke when i play platformer games... :(
fix this plz.

just have the camera to stay still in the center, and to slowly follow the character and he is moving to whatever direction he is walking to (only revealing the next area, slowly, at the speed of the players walking/jumpin')

2. make a better designed character. the area and the background is a good, 8-bit classic background, and the level works fine, as far as coins(?), bonuses and cliffs/jumping goes.
YET, the character is nothing more than a blue dot with a few pixels blurred on top of him.
what IS the main character?
no offence, you are good at making a game, and it seems enjoyable, but i think that you should design the main character better. or maybe even add an intro as well.

3. add more levels/make the current level shorter.
i walked in ALOT of areas in this level, jumped cliffs, avoided falling down (thanks to the double-jump, that was a GREAT move, and im very serious, thanks for adding this in, or it would be impossible for me to finish this game,) i avoided enemies, and when i got to the ''exit'' door, nothing happened.
now, maybe we should add a working ''exit'' door/AKA-some function to end this level and to start the next one?
or maybe just do shorter levels, and more levels, such as having many short levels, instead of a huge, endless one.

4. the character never stops still.
as i told you, as i was walking around, my character was NEVER holding still, and he was moving all the time, without any stop, even if i was near an neverending cliff. there was NO time to think, NO time to reconsider, NO time to even go back and run at a better spot in order to jump.
and even when i DID run back into the ground in order to jump from a better position, the game-camera twisted left and right, and i was ready to puke while i was jumping. glorious time for a jump!

this game has potential to be great, and i support your idea, yet it needs to fix those things above.

PS: i didnt puke. thankfully, i am good at those things. but dont test my vertigo, i beg you.

It was okay, but the jumping can be exploited by just touching the walls, and you should maybe polish the graphics. and items maybe. the music also just stops after a while. Other than that, it alright.

the game is just bad the only good part is the music