Xiao Xiao 9

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Xiao Xiao fighting game!


Almost Ten Years Old

Try to remember this game came out in 2002 people :)

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This was a merely average brawler game in the Xiao Xiao style. It's a shame because I'd expect a lot more from a fighting game in this style, but its so very very repetitive and boring. Because the level is so tiny, more and more bad guys are thrown at you in a very very short space and it quickly gets repetitive.

Maybe even if you could pick up weapons to use in this game on the opponents it would be better but as it is you're left taking on wave after wave in the same style. And then you get to the boss fight at the end, which is pretty much the same as before except he has some powerful combinations occasionally. His health bar is also RIDICULOUSLY high which just drags out the fight even longer.

This was fun for a short period of time, but it quickly became boring, tiresome and repetitive with only the same 3 bad guys to fight in the smallest level ever seen. A major letdown in the Xiao Xiao series.

Yeah its good.

Its good but just that something went wrong when I was playing, but still the games good.

It's good but it has some flaws.

It's a cool game but you end up over rushed by enemies far too much. Soon after you start, your enemies surround you and start attacking simultaneously. You have a special spin kick designed for when you're surrounded but it takes away your own energy every time you use it. You end up losing a lot of you own energy because you're forced to use this special spin kick so damn often. Your character also has the ability to grab and throw his opponents into other enemies which is a useful technique for breaking up a crowd. However, you're not always given the opportunity to execute this move because you're rarely given a chance to by your opponents. You often end up out number and unable to fight back. Also, some enemies only attack you when your back is facing them. They walk towards you but the moment you face them they run away, WTF? It makes the process of killing them really annoying.

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hit protect key sometimes jump then hit attack

this was a good game

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3.76 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2002
1:36 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler
  • Weekly Users' Choice October 15, 2002
  • Daily Feature October 10, 2002