Indy Racing Symphony

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How To Play:

Steering - Arrow Keys or A, D
Turbo - X or M (hold down)
Signal to Pits / cancel - Spacebar
Toggle Quality - Q
Abort Race - U

- overtake opponents by driving on the racing line
- change the setup of your car
- simulated fuel consumption and car weight
- pit stop(s)
- 7 cars to choose from + 1 bonus car, 25 opponents

Here's a walkthrough with some explanations for you:

Just have a look into the Tutorial, it's short, I promise.

Have Fun in '91

NOTE: Highscores can only be submitted in Indy Mode.
Please complete the game before judging, there is much to discover :)

Welcome to Indy Racing Symphony,

if names like Andretti, Fittipaldi or Mears sound familiar to you, this game was designed for you :)

I tried very hard to capture the atmosphere of early 90s motorsports-events. There was never something like it again. I miss the Indy Cars of the 90s to this day, so I thought it's time to give them tribute.

So take a seat in a V8 turbo indy car and experience the '91 Long Beach Grand Prix.

You have to stay on the racing line as long as possible to advance through the field. Opponents will regain positions if you are off the racing line.
You could also take your car to the garage and adjust things like steering, wings, turbo or even fuel amount.
If you are racing in Indy Mode, you will have to pit at least once during the race, so be smart and always choose the right amount of fuel to keep the car at light weight.

Enjoy ! Go easy on your turbos.

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Nice ! 5/5 !

But how can I choose the bonus car ? When I win the race, I can't select the Nobel 1 car :(

Nice! I have more!

I think it is a successful reproduction of Indycar 1991.
In addition I think it's great that the game was brought to life on the platform on which it was created.
I also liked the sounds very much(-:.

After a few tries i took the 3th place (-:.

Nocito87 responds:

Thank you so much ! :-)

Needs a pause button.

First of all, you NAILED the presentation. It looked exactly like I remember Indycar on TV back in the early 90s, graphics and all.
Second, given the limitations of Flash I think you did about as well as you could have given what you were trying to do. That said, the game became very choppy and laggy in some areas (seemed to happen at random) and in a game where reflexes are important, this choppiness can be a real killer. I think this is a good effort (and frankly I might be a bit extra generous given my fondness for Indy of the 90s) but it can definitely be improved and expanded upon.

Nocito87 responds:

Thank you so much for this review. That means a lot to me.

It's a shame that you had to experience lag and choppiness.
Maybe it helps to lower the visual quality by pressing "Q".

This game was made to fit into the 20mb swf limitation of newgrounds. Sadly a few days before release, this barrier was lifted up to 100mb, so I guess it was just bad luck for me this time.
Maybe I will give it another shot in the future.

Thanks again ! I really appreciate your review :)

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3.36 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2015
3:57 AM EDT
Sports - Racing