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We're not ants !

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The adventures of larvae who secretly dreamt to be ants.
Explore the world, grow and upgrade your colony in a game between idle, management, strategy and virtual pet.
A slow-paced and peaceful STS (Slow Time Strategy) where you can sit back and enjoy watching your colony take over the wor.... ahem the backyard.

Newgrounds, please add leaderboards API for HTLM5 !

/!\ To make sure you're playing the latest version check at bottom right corner at menu screen. It should be written: version 1.72

This game is in HTML5: that means that if your game is not up to date, wait a few minutes and try again. If it does not work, try force-reloading it (shift +F5 depending on browsers) or to delete the cache (this last action will delete your savegame though. You don't have to delete your cookies).

May 13th

- fixed a bug preventing from muting sounds.
- fixed a bug where resources would float around the screen after resetting the save file and starting a new game.
- several small adjustments.

May 9th

- fixed a bug with wall marks when switching between levels (unclickable walls should not happen again).
- fixed a bug with the save loader at menu screen, and added a "Load" button for those who have cookies disabled.

May 7th

- 1 special skill added, to allow to restart the game with a x2 foraging bonus.
- fixed a bug preventing from reseting a save
- better save management

May 5th

- added shortkeys to scroll the map (WASD or arrows).
- fixed pathfinding bugs. There shouldn't be any worker losing its path and wandering with items, now.
- walls'HP are not reseted when unmarking them anymore.
- Rival queen's HP changed.

May 2nd

- added 1 new level and a new enemy.
- rival larvae don't mimic player's stats anymore.
- added a testing purpose tool.
- various bug and glitch fixing.

May 1st

- added a x10 checkbox to send out multiple units into hunting grounds.
- various bug and glitch fixing, and level balancing.

April 30th

- various bugfixing involving dead woodlice still dealing damages, resources gathering and pathfinding.

April 29th

- added the ability to drag main underground HUD over the screen.
- added the ability to cancel pheromone, trail, or nest placement before they're done.
- berzerk skill does not target dead enemies anymore.

April 28th


- venom not spent when upgrading attack
- wasps spinning on themselves after death.

April 27th

- fixed bug with subimagos and imagos not respawning.
- added information when clicking on an enemy.
- fixed a bug where a tunnel was not leading to the correct hunting ground.
- fixed a bug blocking the save game on outside area.

April 26th hotfix

- Fixed bug of collision with resources and the queen/crack.
- fixed a bug where workers were stealing icons in the menu and bringing it back to the hole -__-'
- Some display glitch fixing.
- added version number on main menu

April 26th

- 1 new special skill added.
- prices have been lowered.
- some resources (legs, chitin, ...) laying on the ground at the start of a hunting ground have been added.
- added hidden shinies.
- raised the frequency of trail drawing to allow fastest drawing.
- added some explanations in instructions.
- fixed bug where imago cocoon would not be created if no other cocoon exists.
- fixed bug where entrance to map 2 is blocked when coming from map 2.
- fixed bug of dead workers moving again.
- fixed tunnels in outside zone in map 2 leading to map 1.
- fixed bug where workers were digging the border of the map.
- fixed a bug where saved game wouldn't load.

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Pretty cool game, been playing it for days. Only thing that gets old is having to constantly reset paths. It'd also be nice if spacebar wasn't a hotkey for just one thing, but a hotkey for the last thing that you used. Anyhow, good work!