the princess

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This game follows the harrowing journey of a princess as she attempt to reunite with her lover after her father banished him. She has to overcome many obstacles to get back to him. This is a Limbo style game that I made in an attempt to learn some much needed c# in collaboration with Unity.

All of the music is created by Dylan Harper, who can be sought ou at: http://darkmetroidomega.newgrounds.com/


Very good graphics and nice concept.

This game needs a good debugging. Its completely glitched out several times. Once the princess flew out of the game onto a white space. The second time I just got an error message and the game froze. Once you work out the kinks it should be playable, until then it just glitches to much.

second stage there's a glitch - fell into the spike pit, somehow missed spikes (fell close to the left side) and ended up falling forever.
Is there a restart button? Please add it.

Overall a lovely game, love the design and the mild creepiness. Once you fix the issues the game can be a 4-5 star one.

arty-farty responds:

thanks for the feedback

A stylishly somber hop and bop platformer with oldskool main character choice! Slick controls, good music and good pace to the action too. Nice work!


arty-farty responds:

thank you so much

You have a really good game, but a really weird glitch. When the second person (shadow with torch) killed me, and I respawned, I was stuck in crouch position floating above the ground, and moving in that floating position, and when I jumped, I just kept flying up into the sky past the walls and now there is a white background.


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great game

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3.18 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2015
9:22 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop