Ex-Sword-Stential Crisis

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Author Comments

Presenting a game by Team Ex-Sword-Stential(AKA, the Ludum DaVengers):

"Ex-Sword-Stential Crisis"

Rusty is a sword. An ENCHANTED sword.

Rusty also has feelings -- an unfortunate side-effect of awakening as a sentient being.

After a dangerous brush with actual adventuring -- and the realization that he can't stand the sight of blood -- Rusty ultimately decided to lay himself down and go into business doing the next best thing: Professional Landscaping.

THE KING has asked you, Rusty (CEO of "Rusty's 'Cutting it Close' Landscaping Co. Ltd. Inc."), to personally cut his fantastic lawn – and to make sure to avoid his precious, award-winning herd of goats and sheep that wander about the lush grass. He's agreed to allow you to keep whatever you find, to help pay for upgrades to help your progress. THE KING has warned you not to hurt the animals, however -- else lose whatever riches you find hiding there.

... Or you'll go insane from too many unfortunate accidents.

Whatever comes first!


SOUNDTRACK NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD: https://soundcloud.com/pxldj/sets/adventures-of-rusty-soundtrack-ludumdare-32

Get the "Ex-Sword-Stential Crisis" Soundtrack by Audio Artist Thiago Adamo (PxlDJ) for FREE at SoundCloud!


Game Design: Daniel Snd & Taunia Sabanski
Programming: Daniel Snd
Visuals: Taunia Sabanski & Rachel Rios
Audio & SFX: Thiago Adamo



- If you experience any lag-related issues you can press "Y" to turn off post-processing effects to see if that helps.

- Joysticks are supported. :) A to jump, Left Movement Stick to Move, Right Movement Stick to rotate camera, Start to Pause.

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An entertainingly different game, where the challenge lies not only in the obstacles but in actually moving your character. Being a sword is no easy task it seems! Would've been neat if you could gather the coins right when you cut the grass, instead of having to circle around to fetch things you drop, but other than it was a surprisingly addicting bout of: mowing grass! Who would've thought such ordane events could be made into a game! Also, do appreciate the Y post-processing thing, a lot of Unity games don't seem to bother with such 'fixes' for those with lesser GPUs. Nice game!


This game is awesome! Throw in a few more upgrades and it will be a gem.

Difficult but well worth the ending.

Credits & Info

4.67 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2015
4:58 PM EDT
Skill - Collect