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Myland decided to save the citizens of Otherland from the perils of their government annexes it. However, some other countries do not like it and may impose sanctions. Use propaganda to tip the public opinion in majority of countries in favor of Myland so that sanctions will not be enacted. You have 10 turns / months to accomplish this.

Click on a country to see how big is its population and what young and old people think of Myland. When you select a country, click icons to build/shutdown various "unbiased" media (Web, TV, Radio, Newspapers). Click on Myland to see details of your budget.

- Your propaganda income increases over time.
- Web is the only media that affects young more than the old.
- Views on Myland spread across borders.
- Larger countries have larger influence on their neighbours.
- You can shutdown any medium to save money.
- Colour of countries reflect their attitude to Myland.

Programming: Jan Remeš, Martin Černý

Art: Dominika Lippertová

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There was absolutely no challenge to it. It was way too easy and really didn't have any purpose. I recommend you keep trying and working on this game, it seems like it could evolve into something.

To be honest this feels like the intro.
I think it should have been expanded to conquering all countries. Your income after the intro would be based on your country size and the opinions of the rest.

Perhaps internal propaganda could be included, along with military ect.

not fun to play at all

I was really confused by the colors. I thought green meant the countries were okay with the annexation and this caused me a few losses before I realized exactly what the percentages and colors indicated. A little more direction would be nice in-game. I like the concept and I think this could be a really great game if it were a bit more polished and had a bit more content, as it was fairly short.

Amazing game, throw in some sound effects and maybe some other modes or worlds and I could see myself spending hours in this.