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Exiled takes place on an alien planet after you are exiled for war crimes you did not commit.
In Exiled you must battle your way through 24 different war ravaged lands across 4 different worlds to reclaim your former glory.
Cross the roads of destruction after being exiled from your home planet as an ancient war hero who did no wrong.
Defeat the alien foes who stand in your way to your former throne that you were exiled from.

Run, Jump, and Fight your way through enemies in Exiled, a challenging yet entertaining platformer that will put your platforming skills to the test. With plenty of difficult levels that require perfect timing and accuracy you will be challenged and entertained for hours and with a hard-hitting metal soundtrack you'll feel the powerful rage that comes from being exiled.

Exiled's Features:
- 24 Unique levels across 4 worlds
- Merciless Level Progression (Die too many times and you must start the whole world over again)
- Heavy metal soundtrack to fuel your vengeance
- Classic Platformer Feel

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The controls need a lot of work. They are super clunky and don't respond well; especially if you give the player a time limit.
The visuals are amazing though.

dawezdog responds:

Hi monkeyman!

Thank you so much for your review!

Exiled was originally built as a mobile game, and can be found on the app stores. After the mobile release we pushed to PC, which is why the controls feel stiff and clunky.
Rest assured we are working diligently on this issue and will have it fixed very soon!


When a game has revenge as main theme, I'm always eager to play it. But in this case, the 100% Total Awesomeness From Start To Finish that you're promising is an exaggeration.

Starting with positives: the monocromatic palette is an excellent choice for this type of story, and the screen background with falling meteorites and and planets erupting with fire is amazing. The main character is appropriately designed as a Spartanesque warrior, which again matches the general overtone of the game. The choice of music is adequate, although the tracks are still bit too short and repetitive for my personal taste. Also, I think that its tempo should be a little slower, in doom and sludge metal type, to match the game's overall pace.

But there are negatives too: character control and animation are the worst of them, since the protagonist walks and jumps sluggishly and it's rather hard to make him run. Design of enemy characters is poor in comparison to the main hero, and they are barely animated. And then, it's the general uniformity of gameplay, which lacks real challenge, having no puzzles, traps, or weapon upgrades to offer.

dawezdog responds:

Hi Heinz23!

Thank you so much for your honest review! At MostWanted Game Development we take every fan's review to heart and do our absolute best to fix the problems presented in our games by our players.

You being the first player to actually review Exiled gives us a great idea on what other fans will say and will give us a decent amount of time to fix our problems.

We definitely care greatly for our fans and will continue to do our best to improve Exiled based on feedback.

Thank you for your review and taking the time to play Exiled.
Expect future fixes with improved controls, enemies, and level design.

Wezley Sherman
Founder/Lead Programmer
MostWanted Game Development

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2.50 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2015
8:10 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop