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The Hamburger Man (v1.0.0)

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Author Comments

This is the original version of "The Hamburger Man", created for the Ludum Dare game jam. You can play the updated version here: http://gamejolt.com/games/the-hamburger-man/61867

Collect all 8 burgers to win, and don't let the man with the hamburger catch you!

- WASD to move
- Shift to run
- Click to interact

- - - - -

This game was created by me, TechnoWolf99, in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare game jam. I used many presets and free downloaded assets. Please forgive the bugs and flaws (such as the sideways bricks), as I didn't have any time to polish the game.

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Awesome game :D
I know all HamburgerMan's movement patterns now... after two attempts. I took 6 hamburgers and then the Burgerman ran at me very quickly. I like the idea and the game.
I would like to see PewDiePie play this. xD

TechnoWolf99 responds:

Thanks man! It'd definitely be pretty awesome to see the larger YouTubers play my game! :3
By the way, I'm actually working on an update right now! :D

Took some trial and error, but I finally beat it. :P At first I thought it was kind of a bad thing with the fact you can get cornered, but it actually forces you to find different paths to try and learn on the way for tricks to get lost from the Burgerman. Overall, pretty fun.

TechnoWolf99 responds:

Awesome; thanks!