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Cactus Chyps

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Author Comments

I have no control over this, but if you're on Firefox or IE, you can run the game.

Cactus Chyps is the main character on a mission to defeat the rood dood Dr.Picklespear.

Ignore the audio to a certain extent, I was focused on making the game fun to play. :P

The Ludum Dare Compo is a 48 hour competition where you make a game from absolute scratch and submit it.

Not bad for a 1 man team ;)

The game features:

-Construction plans in real world space that allow you to plan out and manipulate your model before finalizing it and making is solid

-Platformer mechanics that include Unity3d mecanim animations based off a MagicaVoxel model

-Level loading and progress saving

-Progression! Complete a level, exit through the level's portal and unlock the next level!

Game is tech heavy, but has very little in the way of audio, let me know if you think this is worth continuing!

Tab - Create a cube to build on
1 - Regular block in build mode
2 - Half block in build mode
L.Click - Add a cube to the building in build mode
L.Click - Fire the Spiky Speary outside of build mode
R.Click - Physics the building you made
Delete - Remove the block you're looking at, only during planning
WASD - Move
Space - Jump
E - Lock cursor
Mouse - Look/Rotate
Scroll, Scroll + Shift, Scroll + Ctrl - Manipulate Cubes
E - Screen Lock Cursor

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It's kind of sad, really. I wanted to give it a chance but right away when I read the description about how it won't work for Chrome I was a little let down. People who use Chrome should be able to play your game just as much as any other user of Firefox. What if someone doesn't want to download the extra software to there unit or they are in a situation where they might not be able to then they can't play it at all. If you can't make a game that includes all users than why create that game? I will give you one star because you did what others hadn't so far as I've seen on here do. You put a warning about the game not working. The games that iv'e come across with the same problem don't even bother to put that in the description.

Jamesgudge responds:

Hey, thanks for taking the time to at least try to play. Unfortunately like I've said, there's an issue with all web builds for unity since google has decided to stop supporting certain elements. This is extremely unfortunate for us, but there's a temporary fix that allows you to play. As of right now, i'm on chrome and I'm able to load and play the game.

This is a failing between Google and Unity and isn't something I have control over. As such, it's something that indirectly weighs negatively on me. A one star rating is not reflective of gameplay or art quality and is instead detrimental to progress since it adds no value to helping me improve the game and skews the ratings. I'd be much more content with a one star rating because my game is absolute butt mud than because of something I can't help. :(

If you'd like to help me out, you can load the game on Firefox or IE and I can take the criticism and improve the game that way.

There's been a statement from Tom Fulp here; http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1389461

"As a temporary fix, Chrome users can paste "chrome://flags/#enable-npapi" in your URL bar then click "Enable" on the first highlighted npapi item. This returns you to the pre-update settings and should work until September."

Try this out and hopefully you can give the game a try :)

Uncontrollable. Mouse sensitivity needs to be far, far higher. My mouse keeps going out of the window trying to do a simple turn. Unplayable in the current state.

Jamesgudge responds:

Hey! Thanks for the response :) The controls are definitely something to improve on, i completely agree. I've included a button for cursor re-capture. If you click on the game and press 'e', it'll contain your cursor again. Hopefully you'll be back to try it out once I've updated the controls :)

You fell into the same hole I usually do for Ludum Dare. I've only finished one myself (look for Toy Soldiers on my profile). You tried to make something that was complicated from a programming standpoint and therefore barely got it done; with substantial glitches and oversight and had little to no time to make tutorials or good level designs within the time-limit; ultimately creating something that is very confusing to the point of impossible for the average player (a lot of controls; no in game tutorial to ease the player into how to properly use them; instead just being dropped into a level and having to read a text box to figure it out).

At this point; it's not really enough of a prototype for me to say much. Spend a couple more days on it to get a tutorial to the point that a player could understand it more easily and I might have more to say.

Jamesgudge responds:

Hey! Thanks for the response :) I know what you're saying, I'd originally left two hours for audio and polish, but evidently it wasn't near enough for what it required :P That said, thanks for playing and enjoying it, I'll be updating it in the future :)

Finally got used to all the controls and managed to beat the first level. Then I wandered into the "delete save" portal, not knowing what it would do.

Mouse controls kill this game. I think you've got a pretty good start, though, and I do love 3D physics (even in Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts). The trick I used on that first level was to start the blueprint off at my destination using the scrolling, and then build towards myself. Obviously it's good that your green block cursor is always connected to the existing blueprint, but how come it can go diagonally from the blueprint when you can't place blocks there? And the game only responds to shift and ctrl on the left side of the keyboard.

You should be able to move the green cursor block with the keyboard. 6 keys for six directions.

I found myself wishing there was some way to return to the hub from within a level.

I think it's worth continuing, but definitely make sure you add sound!

Jamesgudge responds:

Hey! Thanks for the response :) I've had a few realizations about the controls since uploading, and I'm painfully aware that the controls are complicated, that said, thanks for taking the time to play and enjoy it!

First, I absolutely hated it, then I failed miserably at constructing and thought "I'm gonna beat it despite the terrible controls" and then I noticed that the blueprints could be manipulated with the mousewheel. I started liking the game. I understand that it still is a very early version, but in my oppinion, the first thing to be improved is the controls (something like an mmo camera movement, dunno).
All in all I feel that it's quite a solid concept and with some challenging puzzles I feel like it has the potential to become a fun little game :).

Jamesgudge responds:

Hey! Thanks for the response :) What had actually occurred to me on a drive home was the changing of the controls from the b.s. mousewheel stuff to a simplistic rts cam style movement. Pause the game, use wads to move the blueprint, right click to rotate the camera in a pivot style around the blueprint, and left click on the blueprint to place a block. That said, I thought of this after the compo :P

I'll be continuing development on this game as a side project, but given the absolute craptastic controls, that's at the top of my list to change.

Credits & Info

2.87 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2015
11:52 PM EDT