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You’re a secret agent in a science facility where you’ve found this unconventional weapon and you must escape from facility by replacing yourself with enemies and other objects. There will be 9 levels, but be careful, because once when you die or get stuck, you have to start all over!

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I love the idea. It's original. The execution needs a lot of work, though. The game is too harsh- sounds, graphics, the whole deal. I really want to see this worked on and made better.

the physics in this game are terrible, when you stand on a box it moves when you walk on it instead of sitting still.

Needs alot of work.

mouse + arrows = fail. Use WASD.

The back ground hit box is so glitchy you can basically just cheat you way around the maps

Noises are truly horrible. extremely loud ear piercing screeches over the silent back ground is bad.

because of the glitchy physics and going through objects and walls the level design never really matters since you can just run through and all the will boxes fly all over the place and then you can just wall jump ect.