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Sportsball World Cup

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Combo 5 Points

Reach 25 combo.

Score 10 Points

Score 250 points.

Time 25 Points

Play for 2.5 minutes in one round.

Author Comments

Arrow keys / WASD to MOVE.
Up / W to JUMP.
Down / S to SLIDE and CRAWL.

Bounce the balls through the goal posts to score points.
Dodge rockets and bombs to build a combo for more points.
Jump to dodge low rockets, slide to dodge high rockets.

Good luck!

Music is 'Strawberry' by XayberOptix

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The game seems to be not working anymore. I cant click anything on the starting screen...
Keyboard doesnt work aswell only m for mute and q for quality work.

Tricky, but fun. And lol, why is the player naked XD? This game made me laugh.

a good and fun game it would be good if he made it and app

Oh God, I just lost 5 years of life expectancy in 20 minutes. I hate you.

The 250 points medal was the hardest to get, mainly because of two "flaxs" in the game: unwanted slides when I just wanted to crouch (maybe a different button for sliding could be appreciated, and/or a way to cancel it), and randomness being a complete bitch (a procedural approach may be better, especially as there is a possibility of creating several "marathon" play modes, especially one where you have to keep your combo at all costs, or one where, instead of taking everything into account for the combo, the only important thing would be not dropping any ball?).

These are just ideas. The game is very funny and interesting "as is", good music, I love the graphics, and the gameplay is very intuitive. Which is why I got ideas of how it could be made longer to finish: I wish I could play longer while having "real" objectives, not just "go get the highscore" :) Kudos.

CTincknell responds:

You should be able to cancel a slide by tapping in the opposite direction. I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I think I'm done with this idea for now, but I agree there is more here if I ever want to revisit it.

I'm so proud of myself for continuing to play until I got a medal! I was amazed at how hard this was. It just seemed like this would be some really silly game. Well, I guess it still technically was. It's just that I didn't know it would be that hard! The sound effects were nice and cartoonish.

The music was great too. You'd be surprised at how stressful this can be. Luckily, the cute demeanor really does help. Everything looks so bright and colorful. The fact that it made me work so hard is probably why I like it so much.

CTincknell responds:

Hey thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the challenge.

Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2015
3:01 PM EDT