TD-Skunk At Drool

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Here are the two options for getting drunk near my college. They are terrible. I am terrible. Ugh my head. Could you guys keep it down?

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I hope everyone at Sheridan gets to see this... actually, this should be part of any "before you get out of high school 101" compilation. I didn't get to know a college town til I moved to Tennessee and became a Beta Uber driver, that was fun. Decent tips, passengers appreciate the 90's jams... good times. Oh yeah, Goldschlager is the equivalent of getting Taco Bell at 2am; it's gonna run right through you, and it's not pretty coming out of either end.

I was intrigued by your story and decided to stalk your life through the bits of info you gave now let me know I'm right - Is "Monny's" really called Monaghans (Green lettered sign) with a Burger King off to the left of it and a RABBAs down to the right on the same building strip? Is this in Oakville, ON? The buildings you drew behind the "Monnys" are actuall highrise apartments/condos right? not "The Rabbas buildings" I had to see if the place you described is real and after search over 20 RABBAs locations I finally found something that looked right! On my profile there is a real life picture i uploaded of your drawing of the "burger kat?", "Monny's" and "RABBAs" with large buiuldings behind them ..I have to say you got the look of it down really well.

Raziberry responds:

You nailed it! We just called them the Rabba buildings as a simple identifier, since most students seemed to live there.
10/10, would let stalk again

If one cannot handle a drink one should not drink

oh Patrick Stewart one day you will be mine.........ONE DAY!!!!!!

Sounds like you study at a horrible place.

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