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The Light Bearer

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Want see MORE art? - http://filipstredansky.newgrounds.com/follow

She was once a beautiful lady, who went missing after venturing into the woods... no one is sure how, or where exactly did she went missing, but some say that she was harvestingmountain flowers, when she met a forest witch... The witch was envied her beauty, she bit off her right arm, and threw her down the cliff... The lady barely survived, and started praying to the godess of betrayal- SÏkä, she promised great power to the lady, so she could avenge her arm, the lady agreed, but since SÏkä is the godess of betrayal, she tricked the lady, and turned her into a faceless monster with the purpose to confuse every stranger she meets on her way through the woods... Then the lady dissapeard... She shows up once a year, and everyone, who sees her light will get lost, never to find way back, some people started to call her- The Light Bearer
Help me out, and watch more videos here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4k9PcZE77yY
Thank you!

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I didn't really like the tongue in the center =P Sick work though. Looks a bit silent hill-ish.

FilipStredansky responds:

I think that the tongue fits in there :P nevertheless, thanks for expressing your opinion ;)

I can see that you probably want to share your artwork, I would too. But I don't really think that a speedart should really do as a newgrounds movie. I see you are putting a lot of effort into this, but it needs something other than just a speedart with music. Don't stop persisting though!

FilipStredansky responds:

I know, I know, but the only reason I'm publishing these speedarts to NG is because the only place where you get actuall feedback is the "movies" thread on this website (at least in my experience) which kinda sucks in my opinion... Even the art forum is kinda lazy for feedback :/

You have great artistic talent

FilipStredansky responds:

Thank you very mutch :-)

Wow thats epic!

FilipStredansky responds:

thanks buddy :)

Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2015
10:23 AM EDT