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Zombie Showdown

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*Click & Hold Left Mouse Button to Move Player Around Map*

How long can you survive? In Zombie Showdown you must battle against the unstoppable horde of the undead! >>TIME TO KILL SOME ZOMBIES<<

★ Click & Drag the mouse to move.
★ No need to aim! Innovative AI will allow you to shoot at the most relevant enemy so you can watch the carnage unfold!
★ Extreme amounts of blood, gore and doughnuts.
★ Devastating power-ups that can turn the tide of battle into your favour.
★ Several balanced upgradeable weapons.
Accept the challenge and survive the showdown!

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it wont let me play can you fix it i get stuck at the loading screen at the start

It was ok before I clicked on screen then it turned into disappointment.

Except for its innovative control system, the game is to be rated as being below the average arena shooter. There are only three weapons available and the upgrades change little in their way of functioning (even the main character says that he would like to have a flamethrower for a change), there is no achievement system and it lacks any goals to fulfill, and it would be rather hard to praise its graphics for anything. As for the background tune, the best thing a player can do with it is to turn it off immediately - too bad there's no 'mute' button included.

Sincerely, I really appreciate the new idea about controlling the player character, but much needs to be changed in order to make the game playable for longer than just a few minutes.

michaelevo responds:

If you hit the pause button, there is an option to turn off the music, thanks for the comments though. It wasn't designed to be a long playing game in the end.

It can be fun, however the controls must be adapted. I appreciate the autofire (shoot at the nearest enemy is a hardly an AI), it allow to play with touchpad, but it is annoying to have click every time I wont to move, the PC must follow the cursor, reload and pause action must be attached to the keys.

There also few flows in the game design: only 3 weapons are far to little to have really fun, disappearing blood and body parts remove the sentiment of the carnage, only 2 powerups and 4-5 kinds of zombies are boring.

It seems that the second weapon never drops -- probably a bug.