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School of Witches

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This is a tower defense style game in which you control a witch with powers to exchange trees by powerful turrets to defend your school in each level.

The game is initially planned to have 15 scenarios and a shop to buy items and upgrades.

Some stages have bosses and in addition the game will feature upgrades and items in the shop to unlock.

Each upgrade done by the user cost a certain amount of potions that are collected during the game, if you save your potions during the game can return to school and swap for other towers (the idea is to release the towers but the basic set: Bow, Cannon and ice tower is to be made available by default).

This game is made entirely by one person (concept art, modeling, and programming). The only area that will probably have the involvement of other participants will be in the sound.

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It's okay, I noticed that when going to full speed the towers will attack one spot and not focus on the enemies, first and 2nd speeds work as intended.

mcunha98 responds:

Thanks for this comment, really I cannot see this during my tests.
I'll do testes and check it.

Thanks again

It somehow felt wrong to have 45 stars in the shop after finishing the first level. Guess that's a bug. the witch should move wherever the player clicks, not just to the trees/towers. I lost some coins because i wasn't able to aim at the next tower.
BTW: to make the aiming easier you could change the cursor to a cross on the virtual ground. With this you could enable the player to move the witch to every point on the map and maybe aiming at the towers is easier than.

mcunha98 responds:

Thanks for test and give your feedback.

You have a good point, maybe turn the path of the waves free for the player move the witch. In next month I'll release that and you can test again.

Thanks again

So, i know that this is kinda an alpha version, so i will not be hard and will point the high and low points (lol it's a review, what i'm talking about)
- Having control of the map it's important, i mean, it might be great to have some control on the camera to see where the enemies are.
Changing the angle at level two was a nice touch, i didn't expect that :)

-The game feels a little slow sometimes and you forgot to collect the coins because you are just not paying enough atention.
- Having some music while playing would be nice too (i know, maybe you are already working on this. The mainscreen music is awesome)
- Pointing at towers is sometimes hard, i don't know if it just me.

- It is fun to play and you have to think where to put the towers, so it requieres a little of thinking.

I would definitly play at this if it is uploaded to googlestore/play in my phone or tabblet
Nice work :)

mcunha98 responds:

First, thank you very much for your time playing and giving the feedback.

Lot of points that you talk about , like problems to select towers and other points many people told me that, and I'll work hard on it .

My plan is release a new version for month with updates based on suggestions, and after that start the development of another levels. I like the feedback about the control of the map that you talk about, its a good point to think and improve in the game.

People ask me about zoom in/out to see the entire map, probably this will be the answer for this point, but again, any suggestion always be welcome.

Thanks again.

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2.46 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2015
9:04 PM EDT