Doris and the Dragon: Ep1

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The Tale of Doris and the Dragon is now available on Steam!


The new version includes a fully voice acted game with loads more additional dialogue, a full port from GML to Unity, better UI and a new track!



Update v0.1: The bug where the daemon appeared in the belly is now fixed. Doris also now walks 2X FASTER!! I know she's old but she got places to be yo!

Update v0.2: Many people have been reporting a suspected memory leak when playing the game and reaching the belly. This issue has now been FIXED YAAAAY!!!! So we can all rest easy that there will be NO crackling sound.. hopefully ^^.

Also a minor bug where you could enter the river area early and crash the game has been fixed.


Sidenote: Thanks to everyone who rated and commented so far the feedback has been amazing and I have faith it will make Doris Ep 2 a ton better. :) KEEP IT COMING!


FREE digital download / browser demo. The tale of Doris and the Dragon is an episodic, point-and-click adventure game series featuring an elderly lady named Doris who finds herself in Purgatory after passing away on earth.

The Tale of Doris and the Dragon can be described as a thoughtful and fantastical vision of life after death. On her journey, Doris meets many weird and wonderful characters that help or try to hinder her progress. Out of this, an unlikely friendship emerges.

The atmospheric and haunting soundtrack, composed and produced by AssadB, accompanies the minimalist pixel art work.

Arrogant Pixel are proud to call themselves an independent art studio. All content apart from the music was largely produced by one person

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While the story and wittiness of the character is refreshing, the actual gameplay isn't as enjoyable.
The walking animation is slow and becomes a chore when you have to hike back and forth between one end of the map to the other repeatedly.

This point on is SPOILERS
The objectives aren't obvious, like how in the world a bottle just siphons liquor from the floor, why you need to soak the vines in said liquor, and THEN try to burn the vines, which somehow didn't incinerate the flowers and the basket. Plus. the order of the flowers shouldn't matter. I was confused as to what to even give to the statue man because apparently he won't accept any flower except the annoying cliff one first. The inventory interaction is buggy: the inventory drop down interferes with interacting with the environment or recedes occasionally when panning over your items, and the the interaction menu for all objects will move away as Doris walks. The rib puzzle is annoying, as there's no way of knowing the notes the ribs should be making. I had to google the music sheet and STILL guess what ribs are what notes.

I also don't know why there are multiple save slots, as the story seems linear.

Btw the rib order is
8-7-8-7-8-3-6-4-1 for anyone who wants it

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ArrogantPixel responds:

That save system has saved our asses from destruction because of some of the memory leaks the game has been experiencing. The fact that you are even able to save this game in browser is a miracle and was really tough to implement. The multiple save slots are there because we liked the layout and multiple saves are useful for testing?

On the puzzles, we would suggest that this is just a matter of opinion. Many people got the music puzzle straight away, many didn't. Many people agree with the puzzle logic - and many don't! We're just glad people have strong opinions, positive or negative. Either way, it's all helpful to us.

I wasn't aware of the bug with the flowers. That's been added to my list of things to check out.

Thank you for wrapping in spoiler tags (like some people have NOT been doing) and finishing the game without hints / walkthrough. We hope you check out Doris 2 and 3 in the future!

Doris is still too slow. A map to transfer instantly to other scenes would be nice. Otherwise a very good game.

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ArrogantPixel responds:

That is a great idea. Like Monkey Island?? I think we still like the fact that Doris needs to physically walk to wherever she's going - but I think we're the only ones that do. We will address this somehow in Episodes 2 and 3. Thanks for playing and reviewing!

It seems like it would be a fun game..but there's no sound. I'll come back and play it when it's fixed i guess.

ArrogantPixel responds:

Come back soon! You can follow us and we'll let you know when the new build is up :D


Somewhat like it so far, however at the rib cage puzzle which is where im at now, after messing with it for a while it feels like some type of memory leak is happening. Everything slows down, and music completely stops and at that point im forced to completely restart the game because it gets unbearably slow. Enjoyed the game completely up to now.

ArrogantPixel responds:

We are trying to get this fixed as soon as possible so that it doesn't spoil other people's experience. Thank you for taking the time to play and review!


That music puzzle. No. Just, no.

Here's the problem: IT IS EXCESSIVELY LONG FOR NO REASON. Let me break down what happens:

1. If the game has the option to turn off the sound, most people will turn off the sound. They don't know they need it.

2. Doris is not stupid. If she knows that the Doraemon hates classical music, once she listens to the music box, she should automatically play it on the ribs when the player makes the connection, instead of over an hour of tapping fruitlessly on the ribs.

3. Why an hour? Because the sound damn well broke after five tries EVERY. SINGLE. REFRESH. It does not matter how many tabs I have open (many times I had none), if I had anything else running (I was trying to concentrate), or what phase the moon is in. If the sound in a game on a WEBSITE cannot handle me opening one measly tab or opening a word processor, this is a problem with your game. FIX IT.

I saw your comment to someone else pointing out that fifteen minutes was too long to spend on one puzzle, and I shook my head. You are assigning prestige to a FLAW in older point and click games. Had to spend half an hour on it? That is not a badge of honor, that's a badge of stubbornness. And it certainly does not confer some special level of greatness on the game in question. I spent, as I noted, an hour on that music puzzle and I don't consider this game great at all.

I really want to give this game more stars. Doris is quirky and the story is off to a decent start. The other puzzles were not horrendous, which is part of why I'm so bemused by the musical puzzle, and the music, art direction and animation all were smooth and wonderful. But I have to dock you a star for claiming the music puzzle is fine as is (it SHOULD take ages?), and somehow the sound problem in your game, which I have never encountered with any other game online, is the fault of my computer's ability to process RAM.

Even before that, though, this isn't a five star game. It's one piece of a larger picture that is unfinished, and several aspects of the storyline are cliche: Conspiracy run by a bureaucracy? Check. Person doesn't know they're dead on arrival? Check. Person immediately asks about the whereabouts of a lost relative? Check. Stereotypical argument and resolution between romantic partners? Check. And hell/heaven being run by a quasi-business/corporate group? Done and done.

I look forward to better in the future and PLEASE look into that sound issue.

ArrogantPixel responds:

Well that was pretty stern! Consider us told off.

We have responded to several comments regarding the issue of the sound and have said it will be corrected as soon as possible as well as that the bug is caused by a memory leak due to certain audio emitters not freeing data from memory when they should.

I'm sorry that your game experience was not the best - a more stable build is available to download on our website which you can play without ads and in full screen. This bug seems to be exclusively on the browser version.

However, adjusting your review based on comments we've given before doesn't seem like a particularly fair way to review a game.


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4.07 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2015
11:28 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click