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Shaman- Speedpaint

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For more of my paintings- http://filipstredansky.newgrounds.com/follow
Thank you!
I'm trying to improve my artworks... The first shaman drawing was made in april last year, and published to the art portal of NG april the 25th 2014 (wasnt even scouted yet, It was my first submission on NG) ...I remember me being pretty happy with the drawing last year, but now I decided to do a re-design of the original shaman, and I wanted them to look as similiar, as possible so I could see how better I got in 1 year...
... Oh, and I'd also LOVE to hear (or in this case) see your opinion on the progress I made with my drawings in the last year :-) ... And if you can, go to my profile and check out some of my art and leave me a review, I'd love to hear your opinion, so I could make further progress :-)
Help me out, and watch it on Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxHiUb3B4QU
and if you like my speedpaints, check out my channel on youtube, for more speedpaints, that are not here, on Newgrounds! :)

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Amazing artwork, I really liked how well you handle ilumination

FilipStredansky responds:

Thank you! :-)

well, you have definitely improved since last year!
this sketch is even better than the one you did last year, and the shaman now had alot more details on his face/clothes/staff/animals around him.

i liked the sketch alot, especially the stitches on his head, and the crazy bat/snake that was wrapped around him.
one question tho: was it my idea, or the shaman was posing...suggestively?

lol, aside from that, this was good, you did well.

FilipStredansky responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you've enjoyed it :-) and about the suggestive posing, I don't know :-D

Voodoo jeezuz? I mean its great but I have no idea what I. Am looking at.

I noticexd this thing that kept scrolling down as you were shading. It was right next to the color picker and the marker size. Is that the layers? Did you make 2500 or something layers? Do you really need that many layers?

FilipStredansky responds:

No, no it was the history of tools I used, I had like 10or less layers ... And you are looking at an ordinary just creepy-looking shaman thing ;-)

Some good talent.

FilipStredansky responds:

Thanks bro :)

Amazing, just a quick question, what graphics tablet do you use?

FilipStredansky responds:

the Wacom Intuos PRO M