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Matando Robôs Gigantes

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Página do game: www.facebook.com/matandorobosgigantesjogo
Baseado no podcast Matando Robôs Gigantes, esse jogo leva os matadores ( Affonso, Beto e Didi ) para provarem suas habilidades na destruição de gigantescos seres robóticos.

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A worthy tribute to Megaman. I thoroughly enjoyed my journey to 100%. Hard mode is hard. I think I'll leave that for another day. Finding all the secrets is tremendously fun. I can't recommend playing this through enough.

Sadly, perhaps the best hook in your game, the presence of all sorts of popular robots, constitutes copyright infringement. I certainly appreciate all the work put into this, and I really did enjoy all the shout-outs and references, but don't be so surprised to see it taken down at some point.

Tips and Tricks: You can reconfigure the controls from the pause menu. Do so immediately. Like Megaman games, you can unlock a character or capsule, then leave without finishing to keep your unlock. You can jetpack upwards, switch characters, and then double jump to reach high places. Try jumping up the left wall at the beginning of the ice level for a fun little surprise. To get to the Lightning Bolt powerup in HQ, you need to S-rank all of the levels, I think. It might be more lenient than that. You can only switch characters when hit-invulnerability has worn off. You will need to use slide (hold down and press jump) to pass certain areas. I believe that sliding is also faster than running, which helps for speedruns (gotta get those S-ranks!). The Mystery Item can give extra lives, health, bombs, or damage you. The capsules which give attack or defense upgrades are given to whichever character you pick it up with. Go back to levels you've completed to farm cash a lot faster. I never really needed to do that much, though. Aperture Science was very hard for me, especially to speedrun. Coyote Tango has two damageable components initially, the axe blade and the lower body. Destroy the axe first to make your life easier, destroy the lower body to detach the upper body, which then enters a different attack rotation. When the reactor opens up, then you can damage it. I'm honestly not sure how to consistently avoid damage here, although generally staying low helps - the legs aren't all that dangerous. When speedrunning Optimus Prime's stage, you need to hold right to go faster. In hard mode, you only get one character (ever, I think), enemies deal more damage, and health pickups and save points are fewer in number.

Avante MRG!

ThiagoTejo responds:

Wow, i'm surprised by your review! You really payed attention to every small detail, even found that small secret in the Ice Level! Congratulations :)

QUE JOGO FODA !!!! Parabéns pelo jogo Thiago.

If it wasn't for the amount of intelectual propriety this game borrows from, it should be a paid game.

The main protagonists borrow from shooters like contra and megaman and every single stage is beautifully designed with the theme of it's final boss, one of many famous robots from our pop culture. Fighting glados, megazord, wall-e and optimus prime is really awesome to see.

Yes, the language barrier is a thing, but the game itself pays for it long shot. It's frustating just like old nes games, when you had to know te enemy patterns by memory so you don't get punished by that stupid monster that crawls out of nowhere.

With a record feature for speedruns, I hope to see people play this game to the extreme.

This game is incredible, you can really see the effort and care the dev has put into it. The music and art are really good, and really matches the game overall feel.

Although it would be really nice if there was an option for English menus/text as this is an american website, this should be no reason to votebash this submission. The story is almost cosmetic, there are a bunch of bad robots and you gotta deal with them. Like many 8/16-bit platformers of the nes/snes era, it is just plain simple and is there just to give the player some sort of setting. Also, the backgrounds and enemies help create the atmosphere, so most of the text could be skipped, like many people do, without affecting your interpretation of the game. The menu is really simple, so it is not really hard to figure out what to do.

Another point is the controls: the default scheme really seemed a little off(p for shooting, for example). But most of the keys can be reassigned, except for the movement keys, it would be nice if you could reassign those too. But you can workaround that by using arrow keys(default for movement, along with WASD) and Z, X, C, V as it is common on most platforming games(or maybe WASD, H, J, K, L; dunno what you think would feel more comfortable).

It is really sad to see such a nice game get bad reviews for something that does not compromise its gameplay.

Pra quem conhece o trabalho do MRG, o jogo é outro. Infelizmente muitos não poderão experimentar essa sensação, os de língua estrangeira principalmente. Parabéns, o jogo ficou excelente. (no teclado fica meio ruim o esquema do pulo no SPACE, mas a gente supera)

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2015
11:23 PM EDT