Amateur Bee

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Amateur Bee sets you in the 21st century. Where bees start disappearing, humanity decides replacing them with mechanical bees is the answer. This is their story. venture through 16 action packed levels of gun bee madness.


A timely for a game! And fun, fast-paced run n gun mayhem. It looks and plays good, though I wish the story was more of a focus. Keep it going!


A little too easy and monotone, but on the other hand quite fun. It kinda bothered me that I could loose my collected Weapon so easily for almost useless ones (Lighting Bolt for 5 Bombs), And I never managed to get a use of the "Bee-Shooter" (The one that shoots out companions), since I got it only once and that was at the end of a level (wasn't aware)

Either way you still got responsive controls and fun run 'n gun gameplay, so there's that.


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gj m8

Although this game is fun, visually appealing and interesting concept-wise, the plot is either convoluted (which means hard to follow) or minimal (little to none). I have said in the past that a game doesn't need a plot to be good. While that may be true when a game doesn't set up a plot, there is an exception here because it sets one up. Aside from that the game isn't very challenging; I only died three times throughout the whole game. However, this game's saving grace is the time it was released at. People will probably really like this because just yesterday the sequel to 'Doctor Bees' was released. Also, spring is on the way! *looks outside the window and sees that it's snowing like a motherfucker* Well, I guess I'm gonna have to wait for that. Beside it's faults, this game is a fun time none the less, and is probably worth checking out.

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3.30 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2015
7:52 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun