Rocket Board Evolution

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Propeller 10 Points

Buy the Propeller upgrade

Super Bunny Cape 10 Points

Buy the Super Bunny Cape armor upgrade

Magic Cloud 25 Points

Buy the Magic Cloud upgrade

Proto Armor 25 Points

Buy the Proto Armor upgrade

Dark Armor 50 Points

Buy the Dark Armor upgrade

Hiper Rocket 50 Points

Buy the Hiper Rocket upgrade

I'm rich! 100 Points

Get 1500 diamonds in total

Lucky 7777 100 Points

Get over 7777 points in one round

Author Comments

Choose your armor, pick your board, and try to survive as long as possible while flying inside a cave full of lava, falling rocks and even killer bats.

Collect diamonds to buy awesome upgrades. And don't forget to get all the batteries you can reach, if you don't want to dive into the river of lava.

New version:
- Upgrades are now cheaper
- "How to play" screen when playing for the first time
- Better gameplay because of "lighter" momentum
- Fixed a bug where Proto Armor would still receive full damage from bats




Its a fine game, but you need to grind a lot, so that killed the experience for me.

eivigames responds:

Hello. Thanks for the feedback. We tried to make it so that the players wouldn't have to play too much to buy upgrades. In our tests, with the first armor and first board, we could collect around 30 diamonds in each round. So we thought that playing for 4 rounds to buy the first upgrades wasn't too much, and since each upgrade makes the game easier, we considered that when deciding the prices of the other upgrades. But we'll consider the reviews to decide if we'll change it or leave it this way.

EDIT: We decided to make upgrades a little cheaper. Between this and the better controls, we think that you don't have to grind to buy the upgrades. Please play it and tell us what you think about the changes.

Feels like a slightly more fun flappy bird clone, without the annoying walls. Menu and game over music doesn't loop perfectly though. If you need a game composer for proper loops, check the AP or hit me up. Otherwise, pretty fun little game, and the concept is cool.

Not sure if this is a bug but the proto armor doesn't seem to make any difference, I was killed after bumping into 3 bats, same as it happened with the classic armour.

Overall this is a fairly nice flappy bird like game but, imo, something is off.. maybe the flying 'curve-movement' is too wide compared to the screen size that we don't have enough view to dodge all the obstacles, making the game kind of luck based.
+I barely feel any difference after getting an upgrade that I don't feel like continuing to try all of them.

eivigames responds:

It was indeed a bug. The Proto Armor was receiving half damage from falling red rocks, but full damage from bats. We fixed it.

We also changed momentum, making it easier to change between going up and down. Please try it and let us know what you think about the change.

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Credits & Info

2.84 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2015
4:22 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid