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We Need To Go Deeper beta

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Apr 7, 2015 | 10:16 AM EDT

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Author Comments

EDIT: A user notified me that the game would not run sometimes. It is really beyond my control, I can only ask you to restart your browser and maybe close some flash/youtube tabs... You can send a quick PM if nothing works.

- Collect gold and gems.
- Put a ladder by swiping up (click and drag up), only 4 per run.
- The deeper loot is worth more.
- Buy upgrades.
- Don't get frustrated if you keep getting gruesomely impaled, buy the radar upgrade.
- A maniac undead sacrificer will spqwn after 50m or so, get rid of him or he will get rid of you.
- Shiny diamonds and blocks made entirely out of gold await you !
- Go ever deeper !


Hey, we are a team of two and this is our first game on Newgrounds.
It's almost complete, and at a point where we really want people to play it and give us feedback. The menus are very rushed and will be remade from scratch, however the game is close to finished.

I am still adding content to the game and balancing the upgrades, while my partner is working on the character's animation. We have another friend composing the background music, and he'll be finished soon!
I am considering making some upgrades available only after the player has reached a set distance.
We are also designing some secrets to make it more attractive to thrive for depth.

- A lot cleaner menus/interface
- Animations (walking and swinging pickaxe)
- Music
- Better and homemade sound effects
- Secrets when you reach a set distance.
- Free mobile version
- Achievements
- Other stuff you may suggest

Reviews are always helpful, even if they are not argumented/analytical and only express some ideas or feelings towards the game.

Have fun !



Rated 5 / 5 stars

If You gonna update it Its going to be the best game !

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great work so far, this will catch on very well!

Improvement suggestions:
- Prevent falling boulders from destroying falling gold nuggets;
- Texturize store-bought items;
- Introduce reset switch for when you're stuck in a boulder trap and can only wait to die;
- Add store item that allows you to deal with skeleton/ghoul creatures by freezing them (perhaps one item per round to be bought at a time);
- Add heavy helmet in the store that breaks one boulder from overhead but is destroyed in the process;
- Add store item that allows the player to freeze descent of the viewport for a few seconds (limited time(s) per round).

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

I hate the amount of clicking I have to do in order to go deeper. The game mechanics are good and it has that mario moving screen thing going on. The killer dude with the knife scared the freak out of me, it came out of nowhere.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fun time waster!
Simple idea, well made and the upgrades give it a good replay value.
GJ! :)

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

first impression was pretty well. the first 5 runs were still fun. but than it got some kind of boring. getting just something about 150 buck/run was a bit disappointing compared to the prices. especially to the fact that EVERY upgrade cost increased after buying the first upgrade (at least the cost of the first 3 upgrades, the radar not included). The radar is a pretty nice idea and is well made, i like it. the enemy dropping from time to time ... if you add a "how to play" you should mention it in there. secrets and rewards for reaching a certain depth sounds cool. But make sure that these rewards are not essential for being able to further continue the game. There is nothing worth in such a game if you got stuck on a certain point because of the need of some kind of upgrade/bonus but not being able to afford it anyway. I could imagine something like a portal unlocking very 3^x meters reached (1,9,27,81,243, ...).

well, all in all, just keep going. looking forward the finished game.

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PineappleAlarmClock responds:

"especially to the fact that EVERY upgrade cost increased after buying the first upgrade"
Purchasing an upgrade doesn't affect the price of the others... Either I have some unreproducible major bug, either you have been mislead by the fact that I put prices too high from the beginning for the Speed and Selling upgrades.
However, the prices are clearly too high, I'll fix it.

And it seems like making deeper loot worth more isn't enough, I need to add content the deeper the player gets.

Another reviewer suggested your portal idea, I'll consider adding it.

"the first 5 runs were still fun. but than it got some kind of boring"
This is useful, it tells me at which point the problem becomes noticeable.

Thanks for your time !