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I am vomiting hair

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Author Comments

A history about mistakes and bad decisions and the unexpected struggle to fix the situation
I hope that was not too vague...

My third attempt at creating a game! After months of pure procrastination... I mean work, yes, work.
So yeah... third game, this time im sure it is actually worth your time! Or at last a little peek... Please criticize-me as much as you possibly can, i have no ideia of what i am doing.
I kept reading and watching these story telling guides, but i think in the end of it all they did not helped me much...
In fact, i think they made me even more lost
Also, if a puzzle happens to be to confusing, please tell me about it
Please give me some reviews T-T

walkthrough>> https://vimeo.com/124373272

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These puzzles are difficult, but I love this game.

I dont know why, but a few years ago I was kind of obsessed with this game. It was like my Junior/Senior year of highschool and my classbooks were covered with doodles of that faceless dude vomiting hair. This game had an effect on me and made me grow interests in the weird. Thanks man for the great inspiration! (if youre reading this, do you have a tumblr/twitter/instagram?)

The only thing I could understand was that you condensed 3 games into 1. The rest, I could make out neither head or tail of. Throughout the game I was just like "WAT".
Plot? Was there any? Maybe this game ties in to your other games, I don't know. But this was simply insane to get through! Was this inspired by Antumbra or something? Endless possibilities, man!
Seriously, I hope you keep on making games!

I thought it was an excellent effort. Very challenging puzzles. Great story to tell.. I am a huge adventure game geek.. huge into ScummVM games and i think you did a good job. I think what could be added is a little dark humor or narrative when you click things that are wrong or make no sense. All in all.. some games go to an extreme to make you miss things..important to a puzzle.. i think you did had a good balance of challenge and fun. Like i said tho i feel that narrative from the main character.. even if its a 'Nope dude' when a door is locked.. adds a certain depth your character development. Good luck in the future man!

man, the ART is outta sight, bro. OUTTA SIGHT. AWESOME. HOWEVER, the gameplay appears too haphazard. You don't need to hold our hands or anything, just... go a tiny bit more linear in your approach, or provide blunter hints. the bits of story we get are too far apart and too verbose to be connected... however the story itself is fascinating, what little I can gather of it. work on your overall concept, your language skills, and the direction of the game with regards to how the player plays through it and connects the visual cues, and you'll be one of the best content creators here on NG, in the opinion of this player, just as good as Skutnik, Doki or the guy who does Nekra Psaria. keep on truckin, breh. but don't improve what ain't broke; just fix the language and logical progression issues. Please get rid of the math... ? please? pretty please? it interrupts the flow and modd, at least I thought so. GREAT ART MAN OMFG.

Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2015
10:22 PM EDT