Mac and Jim Promo

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This is the Promo Episode for a series called Mac and Jim that I will continue with, so stay tuned. The characters in the series are Mac, a 39-40 something year old dwarf who dresses up like a kid to get what he wants more than anything in life Money. Accompanied by his companion Jim they get into much hijinks along their quest for...money to buy snacks so that they can get more money.

Special Thanks:
Mrs. Cubberly
My Friends and Family
The Politicians

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tthis is pretty cool, should be a little longer to have more of story to it, I feel the situation between MAc and Jim changed from fighting to working together again. I feel there should have been content to where the story develops on how they resolve their fighting. But this was your pilot, I'm sure your next one will be a lot better though! Wish you best of luck with this Bill

I'm was eating potato salad, and I didn't throw up, so in other words I loved this.

Good to see its finally done