Shrunken Head Trip

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Press Up Arrow to Grow.

Press Down Arrow to Shrink.

Press Right Arrow to Shoot.

You cannot move your dude up and down. You can only grow and shrink.

You go faster the longer you stay alive.

Feedback is appreciated.


don't seam to be able to start

Cacasymphonic responds:

That's odd. It may be the browser are you using. It may not be compatible with HTML5. Or perhaps just refresh the page? I don't know. I've tried on Safari, Chrome, and IE and it worked fine.

I have not tried Firefox. Maybe that is the issue.

Unless you mean get out of the menu. In that case just press the right arrow.

The game does not use the mouse. Just arrow keys.

I had fun but I don't see it being replayed anytime soon. Could use some color and the ability to have a little more movement. And maybe add some quick side paths that are harder to get to and add point boost's or a speed buff or even cyclopes lazer glasses lol over all I think its a good start. Games like this are popular because of there competitive nature. Needs a highscore chart and leave enough room for people to add enough info to put a decent tag. Good luck <( - . - )>

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Cacasymphonic responds:

Thanks for playing. Those are all good ideas. I'm trying to make a game a week, so it'll be awhile before I revisit this one. However I will still consider the features you mentioned.

This is so bad an easy. The only reason i gave this half a star is because the idea is pretty good. Work it out some more.

Cacasymphonic responds:

I'm glad you liked the idea. I spent a lot of time trying to balance difficulty. I will eventually go back and tweak it to give the game the right amount of challenge.

Not bad. Your sense of music and concept are good. The title music makes me relaxed. But I think you can make the game system better. How about to add more weapons, characters, and musics?

Cacasymphonic responds:

Thanks for the compliments and critique.

I dunno if I want to work on it anymore, but I agree it has potential to be better.

I kind of like it as a very simple game though. Like something you might find on an old Atari Cartridge.

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3.47 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2015
3:33 AM EDT
Action - Other