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Against The Evils-Part 4

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that was actually pretty creative.
the only criticism I have is that the beginning is boring, or maybe a bit too quiet. I thought the sound was busted or something cuz that whole "fast blur" samurai guy should have had a sound effect on him or something, and maybe the kight dudes should have had some sort of rumble when they talked. I don't mean voice acting I just mean like a metal scraping sound effect or something that makes it more enjoyable.
The sound in this cartoon is kind of weird and broken to me. I get that the song is kinda to hype up the action scene and everything, but it sucks, when you realize you just put it on loop, and do the same with the cartoon or pixel movie or whatever. really the animation and story is okay for what it is, but the sound is garbage. If you had put a bit more effort into your timing of songs, and put more sound effects to imply movement or characterization I really would have enjoyed this much more.

also the story should be a little more put together than just "look at this scene, okay enough ninjas and samurais now the main character, wait no forget that idiot, focus on the two dudes fighting the one dude, and then a girl" it seems a little all over the place, at least for my taste.
also at the "end" where you panned into the words that was lame, it took me out of the movie. It made me realize I was looking at my computer screen and not having fun in the adventures of this "against the evils" world.

Its got potential, animation and everything is solid, but the rest is a little sloppy right now, and if you can just fix a few problems here and there this could be amazing

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Jerry589 responds:

Your thinking is exactly the same as me. For the sound, the first 2 scenes were quietless, making anyone think that the whole video is quiet-less like that, and then the sound suddenly pops up in the 3rd scene making anyone think "hey wait, was my computer on mute or something". I'll focus on sounds by the next Chapter.

Thanks for all the compliment, after your line that the animation is good, I started feeling like, at least my animating skills have gotten better. :)

Some of the grammar was very odd. Ex: "Are you bored?" "Yes I'm" Other than that, it was okay.

Jerry589 responds:

Yea, It feels like everyone is polite to others, which is isn't actually the thing :p ..
This will surely be focused by the next chapter. :)

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2.22 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2015
7:47 AM EDT