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Bart is grounded

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Bart burns down the school and is grounded

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cool movie

First of all, what kind of idiot puts gasoline in their locker? Second of all, Homer and Marge don't look like that. Even if Bart manages to burn the school down in the actual show, Homer would choke Bart harder than he has ever done, then Bart's neck would turn out like it did in the gypsy episode (maybe with bruises). Third of all, what kind of crackhead would buy guns, drugs, and hookers for their kid? Someone would get arrested for doing that. Also, they called Bart "Eric" at the end.

Why isn't everyone yellow and the voice is bad need to fix that.

This will get blammed. I just know it.
This is horrible. NOOOOOOONE likes Goanimate because people make some rushed out crap with text to speech.
I seriously can't believe this.

The movie had a silly concept but the graphics themselves appeared to be premade.

Most people don't appreciate the level of effort required to make any movie.

It is possible to recycle past backgrounds and other things to create something new.

I've sometimes recycled past files to save time with creating new flash movies.

It is generally not hard to use an entire library of your own premade animations.

You can always put those unfinished projects to use for something.

I don't know if such a program allows for customization for your own character designs, backgrounds or whatever.

But usually a lot of these go-animate movies have a generic look to them.

The program likely lacks an ability to allow for customization and makes creating more distinction animations difficult.

You managed to create Bart but none of other simpsons characters.

Bart Simpson was the only character in that universe with yellow skin.

Every character design had a generic go-animate look to them.

The program you used likely lacks a certain level of customized features.

Is customization possible with the program utilized?

Does go-animate have any drawing applications within the program?

Do whatever is needed to teach yourself new ways to create animation.

Experiment with other animation programs if you must.

I know this one chick that used to create animations using MS-paint and a program for creating animated gifs.

You could also use windows movie maker for animation.

You can use flash and any other program for creating animation.

Could these programs to utilized for customization in go-animate?

Try to work beyond the limitations of go-animate.

I would look into creating sprite movies, stick figures, clay or just anything else.

Can go-animate create movies using customized backgrounds and character sprites?

If such a level of customization is not possible than it would be wise to try other animation programs.

Try creating a new animation without the generic go-animate look.

Better luck next time.


Credits & Info

2.30 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2015
2:24 AM EDT