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Sonic 15th 4Real - Part 1

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I decided that rather than make a big Sonic 15th 4Real, I'd pace it out and make 1 skit at a time, so I can focus on other projects at the same time, I've already made 12 Skits, and I plan to release them to Youtube as 1-4 skit videos (depending on duration of skit).

So here it is, the first 4 Skits of Sonic 15th 4Real.

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I like this! Keep up the good work!

RicStrife responds:

If you wanna see more, everything is on my youtube now, I very rarely come to Newgrounds anymore

I mostly just liked the "How Eggman Relaxes" skit, but the rest wasn't funny to me.

RicStrife responds:

Each to their own :)

The video's concept is a series of comedy skits featuring sonic the hedgehog.

The short skits themselves have the same overall look; However, this movie could be enhanced by utilizing different styles for each skit.

I honestly couldn't tell the skits apart without title cards separating them.

One skit you could use sprites, another skit can drawings, ect

You could change styles for each skit and create an entirely unique experience with this sketch comedy show.

Although the concept is parody.

This sonic skits show has a lot of potential.

Make another.


RicStrife responds:

They're supposed to have the same overall look, it's only being made by me, if it was a collab, then different styles would make sense.

If you check my movies, you'll see that Sonic Skits is actually part 4 in a series, officially it's Sonic 15th 4Real. And I will say, that the first 3 of this one are older than the 4th skit, because there was a 2 year gap between making.
If you check my Youtube, you'll see my other parts, but I will bring them here soon.

I really liked that. Great job!

RicStrife responds:

Thanks, it's a bit more dated than my other parts, the first 3 were made in 2012-13, and left on a Harddrive for over a year haha the 4th Skit was a return to flash after a long break.