Moral Quandary

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Poor guy never saw it coming!

Written by Ethan M.
Voicework from Ryan Q (Utentagen)

Music is Ruben Wilmer Band - Love L.A.

Eat Piss.

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Definitely saw that one coming! :P Twisted, confusing (the script?), but nicely animated; strangely entertaining. Nice work!


yeah, animation was smooth indeed. dialogue was funny, broadly over exaggerated, almost felt uninspired bad acting but on purpose, like when he read the script. and well, the ending was expected, but it didn't fall flat... I expected the guy that changed his mind that he would get into this heroic scenario and finally save the other, but nope... guess that's what made it funnier

First, you should understand that it's VERY hard to get more than three stars out of me... That kind of thing takes real effort, so don't beat yourself up about it. I really AM one of those types of critics...

Now, for the record, frankly, you've done a better-than-average job, or I wouldn't be responding to this thing. I think that you've got it 'going on' as for the theme and a punchline, but I believe you could do better... Watch for the subtleties and instances that seem to slip sideways on the animation side...
You will definitely get "there" from 'here'... so do NOT despair!

For me, personally, I'd rather not endorse something violent without cause. (if that makes sense)...

Set up a serial, with or without the violence, (yes, your choice) so that we can rate on the rest of our own criteria, and you might just make 'it'... If something needs violence, that's all well and good,but I (personally) have a problem with offering just random violence as anything other than garbage for the entertainment of the mindless.
You, honestly, have the bravado, the skills, and the "heart" to conju up this kind of work, so I can only hope you will strive to improve and grow as time goes on. Thus the terms for three stars now... and hopefully many more stars to come!

It was comical and the animation was creative and smoooooth. I dig it! :D

Dude, sick movie!

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3.85 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2015
10:31 AM EDT
Comedy - Original