What I Hated About TMNT

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This audio clip was taken from ~36:35 from episode 42 of my animation podcast in Aug 2014 where we reviewed the TMNT 2014 movie and you can CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE RIGHT HERE ON NEWGROUNDS:
>> http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/619245 <<

ALSO NOTE: We are talking about the NEW 2014 MICHAEL BAY produced movie, NOT the comics, 87 cartoon, 90s movies, or 2k3 cartoon. However, I talk ALLLLL about the TMNT history in the full episode of the podcast linked above and below. Hope that clears things up.

We've been at the podcast for over a year now, so check out the link and check us out! New episode every Wednesday

You can check out the original post on my website here http://www.rubberonion.com/podcast/tmnz/

Subscribe to us on iTunes! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-rubber-onion/id730497544?mt=2

ALSO... starting next Wednesday (April 8th), I'm going to be uploading the podcast to the audio portal as well! So look for episode #75 then

Finally, sorry for spelling your name wrong Chris McEwan (with an A!)

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I don’t think anyone even needs to explain why that’s stupid. Also is that ending scene really from the podcast? Great animation and visuals.

totally agree. I could barely watch 2.. Just couldn't keep my attention. n I waited forever to see bb & rock-steady , An the animations awesome...Someone likes John K. an thats also a good thing. Subbed to the soundcloud podcast of rubber onion..More, give me MORE!

rubberonion responds:

Thanks for subscribing!! There's 180 episodes so far (from 100 and on on Soundcloud, 75 and on here on Newgrounds, all episodes on iTunes/Google Music). We have a special live episode dropping this week which was a bar in Brooklyn last Wednesday I think you'll enjoy (=

i liked the drawings

rubberonion responds:

Thanks! The caricatures are by YULFO83 right here on Newgrounds

ha realy i meen this is grate

Knowledge is power after all! It totally makes sense that they learned how to fight from a tiny book! It's not the size that counts... It's...how...you...use it? I can't even jokingly sound convincing can I?

A lot of the plot of the movie was horrid. xD But wow. That part completely escaped me when watching. There was so much to laugh at that I somehow missed that insanity. Nice animation btw.