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Larva Pixel Colony

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- Use the mouse to select menus, and click on a larva to watch its stats.
Shortcuts (provided you have the money to buy them):
- SPACE: buy pheromones
- B: buy bush

Plant fruit bushes to feed your larvae, make them grow and gain more food.

Larvae do not seek food or fight, they roam aimlessly and eat what is on their path, so attract your larvae near points of interests (food, ennemies) with a pheromone cloud (space).

Build nests to increase your max population (you have to upgrade them to build more).
Larvae will defend nests from ennemies if they are nearby, so use them like watchtowers to control some points.

Set a difficulty level for waves, and call some ennemies in to get much food.

Upgrade your colony to reach the highest wave and be in the leaderboard, and to grow the biggest larvae.

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like dystopia awesome in one word

I thought this game was just okay. It was probably the most mediocre game for Stencyl Jam 2015. Most people seem to agree with me. Congrats on being the most viewed of its kind! The graphics weren't that good. I guess it had to have pixels, given the title.

There should have been music. I thought it might have been a defense game at first. I guess you have to just let it rest with this. It does play itself after awhile. I guess it was kind of educational.

plopix responds:

Hello Ericho, thank you for your review and honesty.
That game was made without any pretention, this was my first game, and I made a lot of mistakes, and it clearly appears that I am not an artist.
The game is between idle and strategy, indeed, this was the concept at first, to make a kind of realTime idle ressource game, but I think I will turn it more into an active defense game for an eventual sequel.

It's a really good concept, but the tutorial needs to be more interactive and the graphics a little more definition. I love pixel art games, but this could be a lot better.

plopix responds:

Thank you for your feedback. Yes tutorial are amongst my weakspots, I hate doing them but they are so important !
I am not upgrading Pixel Larva Colony for the moment (finishing another game), but I'll keep it in mind for a sequel with levels and better optimization (that is actualy planned).

Didnt enjoy it and the text is out of the game.. Would be nice if you could fix it :)

plopix responds:

Hi. I guess you mean the text of the stats windows over larvae ?
It's fixed now.

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3.39 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2015
1:09 PM EDT