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Sex Kitten: Insane Asylum

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Our somewhat unwilling idiot hero, now quite genre-savvy after all his adventures, is thrown kicking and screaming into the latest release of Sex Kitten: Insane Asylum!

Can you sneak, fast-talk, stab and shoot your way out of this Insane Asylum that seems hellbent on lobotomizing you with a chainsaw? Your only hope of escaping is to increase your magic good by doing stupid things, and hoping McSlut catches scent of your magic good once you manage to get out into the open!

TIP: Floor 0 is heavily patrolled. You'll probably get spotted unless you have a disguise. And you do not wander into a lobotomy room in your regular threads. You will be KILL by mad doctors.

I hope you all enjoy this game as much as I had fun coding it!
And by that I mean a lot.


Also there is no secret basement. Stop asking. 9_6

File size is 5.50Mb

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here you go 5 stars the game was fun like always and i hope everyone in the review section is joking about not being able to get in the basement because i don't believe that people are capable of not figuring out something so simple in so many years

Maaan, I remember this series from way back. I can't say the gameplay has aged too impressively, but nostalgia is a powerful thing.

I can tell this is unfinished because the codes given, and you can't open the basement door and well, I should had read the description before <_< I wasted some time (not much time) trying to figure out how to open it, I also noticed that the Fatal Gamer guy throws you a file but you don't get a file, oh well, I wonder why this was unfinished

The game was great and this is my second time playing it, this one I think is more weird than the ones before xd (from oldest to newest, even though upload dates are not 100% trusty) I like the game and is really awesome and funny
I noticed there are different or new creators here, there is Yom of course but chris, orange,tuypo, and vicarious are new faces, well I think tuypo appeared before in the series but well

This is just... WOW. (•)(•)

Google is my best friend, and so is this game.