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Jetball Trum(B)

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[Main Info]

Full Title:
How to Draw Show and Tells - S03E20 - Jetball Trum(B)

Episode Description:
3D Modeling: Jetball Trum(B) My 2nd Jetball 3D Cartoon Character.

Created and Directed By:
Alberto Armentero (Toonyman)

Music Credits:
Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven (https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music)
[Other Info]

Shows Description:
How To Draw Show And Tells: This is a show where, I Toonyman
Draws, Tells, Teach or Shows something related to Art in many forms and in My own ways.

Series Description:
These Series are a Bunch of Mix and Introduction to the How to Draw Show and Tells Series. There's currently a Total of 5 Series Planned. This being the first Series Part. 0 with a Level difficulty of 0. Everything is in baby steps it's loose drawings and Art Stuff nothing too serious for these Series.

Note: How to Draw Show and Tells is the name of the Show! it those not mean is a "How to Draw". It's a Mix of Art related Topics Demonstrating My own Techniques and Show Casing My work. There is a Learning part but not for these Series. This Series are a mix and samples of what to expect when the real and or next series is Public Release. So stay Toony!

Read My Post for More Info (http://toonymanstudios.newgrounds.com/news/post/921805)

I,m not a Professor, nor a Professional Artist or your Typical Artist. I'm a Hobbyist/Passionate/Artist At Heart My Art Skills are My Own.

All Logos, Artworks, Video and Related Elements are
Toonyman Studios © All Rights Reserved

Please Visit and Subscribe to My Youtube Channel.

Artsyware Store:

Jetballs - Store Section:

"Toonyman Thanks You!, for your Support"

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Don't think I've seen any instructional videos on modeling before, so this was pretty interesting, even though it's still more of a speedpaint err... speedmodel, than an actual tutorial, seeing as you aren't taught the tools of the craft, tricks of the trade, not even what program is being used? Anyway, was interesting to watch. Keep it going!


ToonymanStudios responds:

This only the Introductory Series it's meant to show you what I will be doing for when the real Series come out! also the whole idea was to not show you anything you simply just watch it!, it is Me, the viewers(you!) and a plain Canvas! or 3D Space or what ever I'm doing without the distractions this is all to get you used to My style. this is to engage you in the program. there's about 50 Episodes alone for this Series. In the Next Series I will be more proactive and give more Info.

For more Info Used Link below:

Thanks and feel free to Follow Me. there's ton more too come.

It was quite interesting but you should play it much faster. I think you did a great job but this was boring. Sorry but I have to say this because sometimes I omitted the majority of this video.
Anyway it was nice and you have a big talent I think. And I love this song;)

ToonymanStudios responds:

I think the Music is too relaxing! therefore is why you don't feel to energize towards it! I will keep that in mind for the real series.

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I like this movie. The animation is cool, as well as the music, but the credits music is depressing anyway.

ToonymanStudios responds:

it's the same Music throwout the Video, it's a classical by Beethoven (moonlight Sonata). It's played on many black and white and Students films.

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This type of content belongs on Youtube, not Newgrounds.

ToonymanStudios responds:

It is on Youtube! but no body is watching! I had more eyes on 1 video of them here than on any videos on youtube and they been there longer! which means this is the perfect place or should I say the perfect grounds for it. Youtube is not a good place for Artist! it can be use as anchor at times but it's not the best place for things like this! you can compare my views I get from here with the ones on youtube which been there longer! and then tell me how this would belong on youtube!

here My youtube channel! check date and views and compare My theory and tell me if i,m wrong or right.

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