April Foolz: Uprising

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The series finale of April Foolz.

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WireNG likes it so I like it too.


Don't judge me.

I was pretty disappointed by how there weren't a lot of April Fool's Day stuff here. I still thought this was really dumb. I am glad Tom Fulp was personally involved. It's hard to say that you should make it better. It was as bad as you intended it to be. It's just weird that Tom of all people helped you.

A pity you couldn't seem to get anyone else to voice themselves. Then again, that was probably the joke. Happy April Fool's Day! I haven't seen the other ones in this series. Maybe they don't even exist.

This is just like the first video I saw on Newgrounds! So many memories. I still wonder what "Under Judgement" means. I guess that means that it will still be there when the world ends. 10 out of 5!

great finale

I really don't care if this is supposed to be terrible. I'm still going to tell people why it's bad (like a good critic does regardless of if it's supposed to be bad when there's no effort put into making it bad) and tear it apart in the process. The animation is as lazy as all hell, the characters' mouths are the only moving objects. The art style looks like a four year old drew their dad in Microsoft Paint. The audio sounds like an early Burzum record: lots of static and low quality (sorry Burzum fans). I know that this is supposed to be bad , but this is a review. A review is where you make critiques about how to improve it. How to improve this is to:
1: Make the sound better with it cutting out or having insane amounts of distortion at times.
2: Improve the animation but have stupid shit happen all around the screen.
3: Improve the art style. Just use Flash like a normal person.
I haven't watched the others and just so that it's clear... I know that this is supposed to be bad. It just does trying to be bad wrong which happens to a lot of things that try to be bad. It's bad at being bad. So I guess that means it's good... Welp. I broke myself. I'm gonna go think about my life choices while staring at wall.

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3.70 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2015
12:19 AM EDT