Mike Finds True Love

March 31, 2015 –
January 6, 2019
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Author Comments

Whoa, it's on youtube too? Best day ever or best day ever?

Holy pepperoni, daily 2nd place! I was not expecting that! Thank you all, really appreciate it.


That escalated quickly

LOL super funny!

Them creep eyes!

Haha her face expression was so funny.

Haha I like it :p

Oh I hope this happens to me one day. :)

Oh god my head hurts. That guy was a sick fuck.

But other than "guy gets creepy and only gets laid by a bird" there wasn't much context.
Maybe this was supposed to subvert our expectations for a romantic comedy.

Great job!

Dude! I used to love your comics back on FunnyJunk, waaaay back when
you're art skills got way better and the flash motion was so smooth!
Dude way to go, keep on doing awesome shit

<deleted> responds:

Thanks man, super appreciate it. Can't believe folks still remember me.
I won't let you down, boss man!

He's got the moves to make the ladies coo.

0:09 Wilhelm scream?

Mike is badass

that dude was kind of like a hipster but more creepy.hahahahahahha i love the facel expretions the girl dose

This had me laughing, Mike looks so funny. Even with no dialogue you made the characteristics of these people seem so real and believable even in this hilariously ridiculous scenario.

Brilliant achievement in comedy sans dialogue!

I also hate putting noises on faces..can never get it right in thje movement

Lol, what was he gonna do with the bird sicko?!

This was fucking hilarious, thank you for brightening my day kind sir.

I haven't laughed this hard in weeks. Real smooth, Mike. Real fuckin' smooth.

what did i just watch im gonna go bleach my eyeballs

Great job. You knew what you were doing and you did it well.

This is a mand who does what lesser men merely dream of doing. You, sir, have balls of gold, and are an inspiration to all men everywhere.

lol if i was in the same situation she was in i would do the same thing it's still funny tho .

Just a great animation...u killed it...would like to see her in more videos

Your art style is awesome and your animation is as well... :D

funny how some people truely think that way XD
poor girls running into idiots

would love to see that girl run into more wierd guys like that. lol.

Dem boobs . deb moobs too

Man i could watch this every day

I love your style, humor, and the animation is damn smooth. Now you just need to make Shadman do your backgrounds, and your golden.

omg that lip thingy killed me

It's all in the hat!


hahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha XD

It was simple and hilarious, I love it


Seriously though, nice animation. I thought it was really cute and funny.

Just watched this with my friend. LOVE IT :) That girl is super cute!

Laughted my ass off... 10/10! xĐ

Funny...very creative.The animation have a unique elements.

love the style of it. Very simple but looks great, Background would look nice. Don't know why but the cracking of the neck makes me laugh every time.

Rule number idontcare : fedoras never helps to pickup chicks, its just a hat.

Nice animation, and joke.

<deleted> responds:

It's a beanie.


The feels man, the feels XD

A lot of lols, nice animation, awesome detail, what could go wrong?

Made me laugh, the animation was cool too! But you should have put a background since it ain't even that long. But since your not that old to animating, I'm giving you a 5 ;)

Oh wow dis is some good stuff. the style is fun and the faces are just priceless. so good i watched it like 12 times.

Can't complain about short length if I spent so much time replaying it and trying to go through it frame-by-frame.

It was good for a laugh, not sure where she went to in all that white space though. I liked the awkwardness of the situation and the more dark humor towards the end. Happy dating!

Halarius xD

10/10 would bang
fall in love
get married
have children
grow old together
be on death bed together
die filled with regret for falling for the NAKED MAN TRICK

lmao, that was fast! And was not expecting the surprise pigeon visit at the end! What a flare of stylishly animated, simplistically portrayed, deviously instinctive entertainment. No need for narrative or dialog, body language says it all. Keep up the great work!


Hahha, Too funny xD

That was good animation. Quite funny!

Loved it!

Well, that was disturbing.
But, hell, I like that freaky assed shit.

Keep it up.

Good ending!

Was so funny!!! :3 :D

Short but sweet XD

XD this was great

please make more of the mike series

<deleted> responds:

Mike will be getting into more shenanigans, I assure you.

The pigeon wants it.
Simply hilarious and I like it!
Take my 5 stars and submission!
1 April trophy's... No joke I hope?

<deleted> responds:

Thank you.
That kinda threw me for a loop, too. My first trophy on April Fools' Day. Don't be messin' with my heart!

She wants it


<deleted> responds:

10-4, good buddy.

That guy is a ladies magnet! This was really funny and effective in its simplicity. Some really nice animation. Loved it!

The look on her face lol

A bit shorter than I was expecting, and the first 10 seconds of the animation, I was screwing around with my audio because I couldn't hear anything, then when the guy sits on the bench, I got a loud blast of [WHAP]. I restarted the animation at a regular volume then.

There's no dialogue here, or really even any sort of story, but the characters are kind of cool. They never talk, and it's hard to really know the girl on the left when she's reading the entire time, and same goes for Mike, when he's creeping people out all the time.

Still, this is a short animated comedy, so those things don't matter so much.

The animation style is very cool. Kind of like an Egoraptor sort of thing going on with it, and slow movement transitions in the eyebrows help with the illusions that these characters are actually alive. As someone whose tried animation before, it is a b*tch to accomplish correctly.

I guess my only real complaint is the images in my head that appeared after the end sequence with Mike and the pigeon. A little disturbing. Again, I guess that's the point.

This little cartoon made me laugh and I found it to be very well animated, even without the use of a background.

-Mike sits besides a girl whose reading
-mike is naked,the girl walks away from him
-a pigeon comes
i think that's good when in humor
I Like The Art and the persons reaction, i mean i maybe would try to do that and not notice

I love this. Animation style is very awesome. Its almost anime like in that the frame rate is on the low side. Characters are unique and I love the genuine "weirded out" expression on the chicks face.! This is a perfect example of catching the viewers attention without the addition of fancy backgrounds. Well Done! Seriously!

<deleted> responds:

You are too kind, thank you.

Short and practically disturbing.

I've heard enough beastiality porn to know where this is going

One of the more... interesting uses of Wilhelm I've seen in some time.
But the animation quality was very well done fore what seemed to be relatively simple line art. And the facial expressions, while also simple, said a lot while saying nothing. And the humor was hilariously uncomfortable. Loved every second!

I love your art style, man! Lineart's looking really nice and animation is super fluid. Looking forward to more stuff from you, you've got a lot of potential~

<deleted> responds:

Shucks, thank you very much. More stuff is coming for sure. Not anytime super soon but it's coming.


Beautiful '3'

As soon as the pidgeon landed, I kind of saw the next part coming. And yet, it was still hilarious! Great gag. Good animation, awesome facial expressions!

Lmao, great job

Maybe it should be re-titled as 'How Not To Get A Human Girlfriend',anyway,this clearly wasn't meant for Valentine's but more for a quick laugh.Keep it up and keep them coming!

Mike looks kinda like my best friend and acts like him, too. ....Hilarious.

Not gonna lie, I fucking love this video from start to finish.

ROFL!! Too funny ^_^

10/10 would girlfriend.

Just the right amount of awarkness perfectly timed to the sound effects. Right on!

they dont have noses

<deleted> responds:

Noses are for squares.

I should try that.

<deleted> responds:

It hasn't not worked yet.

he got no move game

Better love story than twilight.

This epic tale of passion has touched me to the very depth of my bowels. It is also, without a doubt, a better love story than fifty shades of gray.

Sound effects: Perfectly timed!


live documentation that people wearing a fedora are weird.

boy did that escalate quickly lol. I like this, and mike is such an interesting character too.

i lol'd

The fluid animations you has in the girls movements really surprised me, the comedy was pretty spot on as well. with this also being my first time seeing your animations I hope you keep them comin' .

<deleted> responds:

Really appreciate it, thank you. Mike will definitely be getting into more shenanigans.


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