Caillou gets a job 1

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Caillou's cat gave Caillou a job. Caillou has to work at starbucks, so he worked at starbucks, lets see how this go.

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I am 100% sure THX will sue you on Newgrounds. The only reason why you are taking him seriously is because goaminate users hate him! How Embarrising.

First of all, it's impossible for a 4 year old to get a job, and you can't talk to animals. Second of all, Eric would tell the manager on Caillou. And what kind of asshole would go to Starbucks just for some water? Is he on drugs? We all have tap water at home. There's a 80% chance this is gonna get blammed, this video is unoriginal, and is probably stolen. I bet you lied about your age just to upload this. You're probably 8.

Dude whats with the 99999999999999999999999 part like at 1st i had a felling that Caillou said 9999etc for the hole video


u iz grunded grunded grunded 4 lyfe