Catastrophe Escape

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I was on the road all day. There was no sign of a gas station. Petrol was already on reserves. I finally came across an abandoned gas station. And I soon realized why it was abandoned. There's a huge tornado coming this way. To make matters worse, my car is broken too. There's not much time. I have to fix it and leave this place.

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Good game - I only got stuck because I thought the reddish things were apples. Turns out the apples are the green things. A description like with the chips would have been most useful.

Pretty good, but a few things don't make sense. First, why is the key to the shop on a cactus? Did the owner drop the key or something? Second, why is the map in pieces and why is a car battery buried in the dirt? Seems to be a bit silly to go through all that trouble just to hide a battery. Third, if the door to the pantry is weak enough for a soda bomb to open it, then why didn't the protagonist just force the door open with either his own hands or the bat? A tornado is bearing down on him for crying out loud! Fourth, why hasn't the cash register been used for so long that dirt is caked on it and that it's being used to store other items instead? Judging from how non-rotten looking the fruit in the store is, there had to have been some business for the store and even if there wasn't, the register certainly wouldn't be as filthy as the protagonist had found it. Other than these questions, the game was overall fun to play and the story is pretty nice too. Nice job!

Relaxing, this is a nice relaxing, game, nice artwork, atmosphere, and the music was easy to listen to. The game was fun, and thought provoking. I would have preferred a stronger storyline that connected to the story at the beginning, and definitely a better ending, that lasted. Good Game!

ah, I can play this, had no problem, game was exactly what I needed. nice simoom. haha

Not bad, definitely interesting

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3.73 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2015
11:09 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click