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internet friends

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Throughout our introverted internet lurking years, we often find ourselves getting fond of people we only met over the internet. Sometimes, we grow close to them to the point we might actually consider them as real friends, but how are we sure that they're for real?

Cheers to tryin' be dramatic. I wish I could make it longer but sharts to scene ideas. I kind of consider myself lucky as I managed to get a sound clip that fit well enough for this thing. I hope its good enough to please an abundance~

do critique if you please

- James

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I don't understand this. Did the girl that was feeling lonely go online and message someone else "none of your friends are real"? Was she messaged that by someone else? Is it just something that she thought to herself? So many questions and more.

I just laughed when I saw "none of your friends are real". I don't know where it supposed to be placed but it seemed like an ending message to people with friends on the internet. it felt like an ironic, sort of funny short, haha.

the ending felt rushed but the issue is still there. or rather the message and question we must consider asking ourselves and of society.

The feeling of meeting someone online. People aren't as they may seem online compared to in person.

But people aren't what they seem in person compared to in person either. People act differently in situations when its face to face too. How people still change over time face to face is still the same.

The feeling of wanting to help someone but you can't because of distance or other.

The feeling of meeting someone with a personal life issue, whether relationships with friends, bf/gf, family, or a life threatening health issue.

How real are people on the net?

But sometimes you have to think like that girl wearing the hood in the house staring outside.

HOW REAL are the people outside the window in person anyways? Not everything is as it seems and not everyone are who they are in person whether its online or in person.

Even still, the internet is a place where people can bare themselves so to speak.

It's a special place like an in b/w world or another dimension where people can meet.

i liked it, the music the animation.

but it would have been better if the text was a little bit slower i mean i didnt have the chance to read anything (only glimpses that didnt help me understand what was going on)
also the ending was confusing, i didnt know if there is a continuation or not because the video suddenly blanked out, i mean i was staring at the black screen for few seconds waiting for something to happen.

I liked the animation, the line weights throughout. However, it did end rather abruptly. Who sent the 'None of Your Friends Are Real' message?

Another issue I had with this, was that I wasn't sure how you intended the viewer to feel about the main character. I got the impression I was supposed to feel sympathetic, but I didn't.

The main character is looking out the window of a dark room seeming to 'judge' the people outside. It seems like an almost comically broody teen instead of a dramatic interesting situation/commentary. Perhaps if the character's room, posing, animation, or room colors were more specific it wouldn't have come off this way.

Overall a pretty good short cartoon. I'd like to see the concept explored further and improved upon.

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3.47 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2015
10:43 PM EDT