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Reality vs Video Games 1

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IT'S FINALLY HERE!! This took me a month and a half, so I hope everyone who watches this likes it! :) This is basically a comedy between reality and video games. Hope you enjoy.

If this does well, it will encourage me to do more animations like this! My tablet pen is malfunctioning, so I had to use my mouse a lot, which is why some of the line art wasn't "the best" it could have been.

Sorry if this animation seemed too slow, repetitive, cheap or not funny enough or something like that, but I do hope you enjoy the animation overall and leave wonderful comments below!!

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Some of the reality segments seemed a little 'cartoon-esque', but over all it was good. Besides, I can understand the handicap of a dysfunctional / non-functional tablet pen. Of course, in a truly cartoony comical effort, who's really that worried about shading and details (unless of course, you're using it as part of the impression of real-life vs. the video game / cartoon world.
As to lineworks being rough? I've long held the opinion that it's a question of style preference over any particular skill. Sure, you could be a bit cleaner with the pen utensil, but maybe that's just going to be the style and part of the charm of this series. Let it be a little messy if you like. Sometimes it's good to explore and branch out, even if it seems retro-gressive at first.
I'd definitely look forward to another in this series and intent, and I might even suggest you have a little look at some of the popular cartoons while you're thinking of content... just a thought.
As to the voice actors? Yeah, might help to get some samples when you start, but... It's a frivolous little cartoon at this point. I think it's definitely worthy of development, but I wouldn't pick on your choices in VA's at this stage. play with it, flesh out the potential and then worry about polishing a finished project and hunting enough VA's / talents to make it everything it can be. For now, there's a lot to be said for just having fun with it.

Evy-Devy responds:

It appears we have a SMART BUTT OVER HERE!!! Joking aside, thanks for that long review and details. It makes me glad to see someone understand the process of art and animation, especially without a proper pen tablet.

So yeah, I'm experimenting with cartoon/flash outlines and styles before diving into realistic and anime like art. I need some more experiments and tricks. Believe it or not though, pretty much 90% of the animated outlines are hand drawn by me, then scanned into the PC, then turned into vectors to put into Photoshop.

It would be wise to make content based off popular cartoon content, but I haven't been in touch with American animation like I used to. Yeah, I have a lot of experience with voice actors now. I have contacts to a lot of them right now. And you're right, I should be doing this for fun and that's exactly what I'll do!!

It would mean the world if you stuck with me here on NG and continued to view, rate and comment on my content. That would be awesome and I promise to get better with more content I release. ;) (Well, I first have to do something about that broken tablet pen first.)

lmao, so much truth in this! The building sequence was a definite favorite, though, so easily breaking a pillar by just hammering it a little seems like a video world version as well. :P Looking forward to the second segment; thanks for the entertainment!


Evy-Devy responds:

Thank you! Glad you agree! Yeah, the pillar break thing did feel a bit unrealistic, but hey, it's comedy! ;) I'll be releasing the second segment part by part on Newgrounds. :) Hope you get excited for that! Hope you stay around to see them. :)

Loved the toilet one the most XD
Was worried about the voice for the old boss guy not sounding real enough but it seemed okay =u=

Evy-Devy responds:

Glad you did. You really like that joke.
I thought it was great. :) Next time I work with voice actors, I'm going to see what voices they can provide for me first. :)

As much as I like the animation, I feel the writing, audio, and concept is better. This was a great job! Keep it up!

Evy-Devy responds:

As long as you like both, I'm happy! I promise to get better at both, so I hope you keep watching my animations. Thank you for the review! ;)