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Full version available at www.deva.6f.sk

Welcome to √Block. Here are some important instructions:

When you activate the challenge block,challenge question will show
up and you have to choose one of two answers to get to the next level.
Only one answer is always correct.

When you activate the trap block, some blocks will fall.
Try to avoid them.

When you activate the final block, you have completed the game.

Activating a block (challenge, trap or final) means that you walk
over the block or jump over it.

Movement: arrow keys

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I like the concept and how smooth the controls are, but the game itself is simply too easy. This is a game with tons of potential and I think it could easily be a much larger deal but it took me the whole of about a minute and a half to beat the game on my first try. If it were longer and a lot harder, I would definitely love the hell out of this game.

deva1998 responds:

The symbol E means that is for everyone especially for younger audience and not skillful players. That is why is easy for you. :D

A commentor below writes that the game appears to have been made with a younger audience in mind, and I must agree with him. Which is wouldn´t be that bad if the levels in demo weren´t so ridiculously easy, especially the trivia quiz questions. And there´s another problem too: even the full versions available on your site is way to easy.

Considering both issues mentioned above, I cannot give it a full 3 vote, but I'll gladly play an extended version with a higher difficulty setting when it's available.


When you activate the trap block, some blocks will fall.
Try to avoid them."

Oh, OK, so I just don't touch the trap block.. nope, that activates it. So I just find away around it.. nope no such thing.. So we avoid the trap blocks by not playing the game? Because that is really the only way to avoid setting them off. Or maybe you mean for us to avoid the falling blocks, which don't seem to do any harm when they hit us or even really slow us down.

So.. what I am getting at is that the trap blocks are kind of pointless. You should make it so that they can either be avoided or just scrap them and use the trapped terrain to start with, because that is what you always end up with anyhow.

Other than that the game was pretty simple lacking challenge in both puzzle and and platforming aspects. It feels like it was made for younger children (which it may well have been). That being said and that this is just a demo the full version may or may not be significantly better for a range of ages or it may just be a kind of fun game for kids. I am not, however, reviewing the full game.

I think the biggest thing, regardless of your intended audience, would be to think about the activation mechanism for your blocks. If they will always be activated it makes no sense to even have them. The name of the game implies that there would be some level of problem solving involving square roots which simply doesn't happen leaving the player a bit disappointed at the first choice of 'what letter does this shape look like'. The name vs. game discrepancy could potentially disenfranchise both younger players who thing 'why would I want to play a math game?' and more mature puzzlers who think 'YAY! I love square root problems!'.

The graphics were OK, the music was ... not to my taste, but it fit the graphics I suppose. The game play was more or less disappointing and didn't make me want to play the full version. I think 2.5/5 is generous.

A good idea, with a way too simple implementation, very easy questions, unlimited lives and very, very few levels (in the full version too).