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Yonder Ho! - Episode 4

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Yonder Ho! - Episode 4 - Bad Syndrome.

Pete mistakenly eats a poison flower. He finds that his hand has turned jet black, and the darkness is spreading. He seeks help from a doctor who lives in a secluded swamp. She tells him that he must find the legendary sun fruit, but finding it isn't gonna be easy. He's sure to need some help!

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You seem to display a consistent level of enthusiasm for your art.

I'm impressed that you managed to stick with the creation of this series for so long.

I get bored of working on the same projects and have a collection of unfinished work as evidence.

Sticking with the same project can often be boring at times because the human brain is programmed to seek novelty.

You choose to not fight that natural tendency and opted to utilize different aspects of your drawing style.

I would recommend trying different mediums to make future episodes of this series.

Strictly adhering to the same look will often kill any motivation behind any new art project.

Changing to different aspects of your own art style can often be appropriate for setting different moods.

I love how you often switch between different aspects of your own drawing style during the duration of the entire series.

This episode much like the previous installment has a simple storyline.

A boy gets poisoned after eating a yellow flower and than seeks the aid of a doctor.

The boy goes on a journey for some kinda rare plant to cure his self induced illness.

I liked some the gags within the movie and your usage of fantasy audio sound effects.

A lot of those sounds don't exist in reality and is sometimes effective for creating a fantasy world.

Most people take the usage of sound effects for granted because it's a common and effective practice.

It's not easy to create proper sound effects because it takes more thought than most people care to realize.

Sound is extremely important and some of the audio had inconsistent levels.

The rabbit's audio had some of the issues commonly associated with inexpensive microphones.

I assume that voice actor for your rabbit character has to send his audio clips to you.

I would utilize the rabbit less often until he can purchase a better microphone.

Spending more time in post production for audio could potentially improve audio issues.

The music for this episode was nothing special when compared to past shows.

The music did not strike me as memorable to the same degree as other audio stimuli.

The scenes dragged a lot less than previous episodes and a lot of pacing problems were fixed.

This show is becoming more entertaining.


Bertn1991 responds:

Thanks, Mighty! I'm hanging on every word. I'm really taking notes on your criticisms. You will see them addressed in future episodes. I still consider myself a novice. I still don't know what the heck I'm doing sometimes! I make it up as I go along. I hardly even use animation software! But thanks. You are cool : )