CS:Source Mini 2

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Cs:Source Mini 2


-Added blood effect
-New map
-New weapon type (m4a1)
-Added sounds
-New menu

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You took criticism very well on the first game (sort of), so I'll use this game and my review of it to reply to it; I never doubted - nor would I ever do - that you definitely could make one of my favorite games of all time. But the thing is... You didn't, and the one thing I'm doing here is helping you reaching this, so, yeah, there's a new weapon, and a new background. though the cutouts are horrendous, the enemies still spawn in impossible places for a human being (seriously who'd climb on a roof to shoot at you) and speaking of enemies, they're all the same, they all have the same position (I'm not stupid, I can tell when you went into Paint.NET to flip the image vertically) and also, no image is in an acceptable quality whatsoever, so I have two theories, either those are .gif, either you uploaded 'em with a quality worse than .jpeg, and both of them are scandalous, especially when ripping assets from an already existing, and way better game. If you realeased another one, I'd play it, but I don't think NewGrounds in its entierty will be your beta-tester. Oh, by the way, I've had a Tinnitus all the time I've been writing this review, thanks to the unique sound that's been added. And the new blood effect, it's just some more "Paint" brush scattered around the screen. Nothing interesting, and it's worse.

I recommend u add an ammo bar

welll....... this wa sjust i kinda liked the graphics the most dull shoot em up game evr plus no audio as well? maybe if u touched it up allowed u to move i might of liked it....

wow man...where do i begin.

1) the graphics i guess are the only thing good about this game
2) if you're going to make a game with sound effects, make sure they match up with the characters movements/actions, in this situation the gun fire, it sounds like i'm shooting a pistol or a sniper riffle, not a machine gun.
3) the enemies are very glitchy, when you shoot them i like the idea of blood but they dont flinch or scream or anything, its like im shooting paper targets that have blood packets on them.

having said all of that i dont feel like this game should be blammed it just needs a lot of work.

Still needs a lot of work to be playable.
Some things I think need improving:
-No pause menu
-There's the sound of only on shot when you click. I recommend making the sound loop quickly when the mouse is held down until it is let go.
-Should have clips instead of infinite shooting
-Head shots don't seem to do any extra damage

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0.68 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2015
3:30 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person