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March 22, 2015 –
September 29, 2018
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Author Comments

I made this game for the improvement of my programming skills. Just try to guess the number in 10 attempts. Then, try to achieve some medals!

UPDATE! The focus will be always on the text field, it doesn't need to be clicked!


so so game, got all the medals in 2 minutes...the master one is purely luck based. got it for the first time with 50 :D

<deleted> responds:

Awesome! Thanks for playing ^_^

Pretty neat, reminded me of "Name the Price" game from The Price Is Right.

<deleted> responds:

Awesome! Thanks for playing! ^_^

I ve won at the firt try :D

<deleted> responds:

Awesome :D

Thanks for playing!

this is a nice little game, simply due to the fact that this a children game, we've all played however it's not good neither. I'll give 3 vote for you, you can do better.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks! : ) This was just a practice to improve my programming skills! : D

Nice little game to pass a few second by

<deleted> responds:

Thanks! :D

Nice little game with calming music. A little change you could make would be to have the type box auto selected after guessing, so that we don't have to click it over and over, and to allow the enter key to guess, again so we don't have to click.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks! Excellent idea!! :D

Fun, time-killing game. It's cool to screw around with, and a FUN time-waster. (can't say fun for some other "time wasters".) Keep up the good work.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks!! :D

It's good for killing some time for a simple game like this

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the review!


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