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Castaway Troops

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A twist on the classic “Snake” game. Lead a troop of pets to victory against hordes of enemies across 5 different lands. How many pets can you collect? Steer your squad of monsters as they cut a path of destruction through levels filled with different enemies and power-ups. Save up that precious gold to upgrade your armor and weapons to unleash even more damage against those tough bosses. Can you make it out alive?

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Attacking foes without being able to face them directly made for some interesting action. I like the layout overall, and the RPG_like perspective with which you Snake around, though I wish you'd just attack; collect everything head-on, no need to move around just to avoid attacks or gather spread out coinspray, but rather to avoid your tail or just avoid enemies, like you'd do in regular Snake. That said, great idea for a game! Controls are sleek. Graphics are great. It's great!


Eh, it's a different game. Not something I would go to play right away. The main thing that I died of was bumping into the walls, so upgrading armor wouldn't help at all.

Interesting twist to a classic game. I did find that my most common way of dieing was pressing up while going along the bottom edge, which I am certain is a bug that could use some fixing.

It would be nice to be able to better tell what each pet does. Perhaps a menu where the player can view profiles for the different pets. While you're at it, you might consider allowing the player to rearrange their team of pets or possibly put some away into some sort of storage.

This game is alright. It's an interesting idea that I haven't saw before but I feel that the game has some issues. The first being that it doesn't run very smoothly, and it's certainly not because my computer can't handle it. Another being that the controls are sometimes unresponsive and result in my character charging into a wall, and also the music which the quality of it drops sometimes. Overall a good concept and game, but it needs some refinement in multiple areas.

I also feel like this game would benefit from the option to turn on a grid setting so it's easier to see and not completely miss enemies, or possibly run straight into them.

it was fun, i admit, but there have been several annoying things, like the frontiers of trees or lakes, i often walked into them - thinking i still had space left. i also think the pets should be stronger. currently they are no big help ^^
imho, if the importance of pets, pet attacks and enemys ranged attacks would be a bigger aspect, i also would increase armor value.
(maybe add why somebody should buy a better weapon or armor - write down what makes it better - higher DPS, higher ranged defense or whatsoever. it will be awesome!)
after all, its a lovely idea, and i enjoyed it - its kinda addictive, hehe :)
i hope you keep up your nice work - and make it into something really awesome. theres alot of potential!