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Madness Bodyless (Collab)

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Rapidly realized the collab created during one week (7 days)
Idea of this collab :Endik55

Collab Organizer: Djjaner (CZMC leader)

Djjaner (CZMC Leader) -Intro and End part
Gujit (CZMC member)
Hank154_CZ (CZMC member)
Endik55 (CZMC member)
Ultrybal (CZMC member)
NikmironCZ (CZMC member)
Aulo753 (CZMC member)

Main Thanks:
Krinkels (Matt Jolly) (Original Madness Combat)

and you.


WOW! 1 place on Daily Feature. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

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Ok this is sick! I loved the use of heads to create a form of madness. This also launched back in 2015 to!? Man, those were the good ol days.

Fantastic animation. Brilliantly clever and executed. It would have been cooler if you synced it with the song, maybe. But that's irrelevant to the quality of this epic movie. 9.8/10

This was just an excuse to animate less.

And yet,it's really well done.
I would've never thought of doing something like this.

Slow but awesome

those potatoes, are dangerous by the way great work!