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French Fight

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Arrows to move, Z to shoot. You have 3 health. Touching Flag Monsters or bullets removes 1 health. Touching spikes is insta-kill; touching the boss is insta-kill.<br>
There are 2 platforming levels before a boss fight. <br>
Tell me what you think - this is my first game made over two days!
Pixel art and various image edits by me; game made using Stencyl. Sound credits to timgormly and Taira Komori of Freesound; music credit to Yubatake of OpenGameArt ("Suguri Waltz"). Thanks!

Version 1.2:
- Added moving enemies (back and forth)
- Added enemies that shoot back!
- Various small fixes
- Removed fromage et baguette

Version 1.1:
- Fixed platforms being longer than appeared
- Added background music!
- Added jump and shoot sound!
- Removed fromage et baguette

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I tried to shoot the flags but they turned white and surrendered

really hope you make a night and day improvement on this game, its just terrible the graphics sounds and all out game play are just terrible. Love the Idea but this game needs A LOT of work.

tobaymax responds:

Well, uh. Thanks? As I said, this is my first game & made over two days. I'm working on it. How is your game going?

Not bad for your first game! I like some of the french details you put in the menu. But there are things you could do to improve this game. You could add music and sound effects; that always helps a game become more interesting and fun. Also, maybe more of a challenge with the bad guys. Maybe they could walk around or fire projectiles at you. And you could even expand the game to have more levels and different bosses.
Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing your future projects.

tobaymax responds:

Thank you! Music/sound is definitely coming as well as enemy variation. I'm going to stick with 3 levels until I have all of the components down, so that way it'll just be more about designing in the future. Thanks again!

Not very challenging, but a good platformer base from 2 days of work.

tobaymax responds:

Thanks! And good to know, I'll work on improving that!

The platforms are a bit longer than they appear from the drawing. But I approve the Francophobia, lol

tobaymax responds:

Thanks! And yeah they are, that's one of the small fixes - reducing their collision zone.
Honestly? I didn't want to do my French homework.