Crazy GTAV Taxi

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A Larry Bundy Jr Let's play animated!

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Good stuff

LOL This video "We tried to steal a jet in the army base in "ZanCudo" and we decided to take a Taxi he was just driving under water".So Larry just got out and smashed the Taxi car with everything he got and he just started to rob the place and use the taxi as a get away but then he just kicked them out and left LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't you just... steal cars like usual in GTA V? Games sure are getting unnecesarily realistic now hmm. Well, realism with a sense of surrealism. Considering the joke's about the quirks of a game engine I'm... well, not as entertained as I'd probably be if it was an actual story, however ordinary it might've been. Or if the puns didn't play entirely on the lack of realism of a random AI the characters thoughtlessly abuse, which seems somewhat pointless. Just not getting the comedy here! Nicely animated though.


Ahhh Good ole gta v

Really really funny HAHAHHA I liked it!