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Goblin Treasure Hunt

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Your hero has gotten lost in a mysterious forest where he finds two suspicious chests. Little does he know that the chest to the right gives him gold coins every time he hits it, and the chest to the left holds an endless supply of rare items. Work your way up to the top and defeat all the gloomy monsters that want your treasure!

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Error during main load sequence. Shame, this seemed like a good game.

don't u love when later in the game the stuff just disappears at the bottom ov the screen

Sad to say but the game breaks the more you play. Starts off normal but as you progress the gold counter becomes blurry followed later by upgrade options disappearing (turning invisible). This was the issue i was facing years ago. Came back to this game just recently thinking my old computer was to blame but now with a newer, faster pc nothing seems to have changed. This is truly a shame concidering the colorful and graphicaly stunning nature of this little game. If the authors read this, please try to fix this issue. Thank you for reading.

This game is fun, but feels severely unfinished. There's no end. When you kill the last guy, he gets back up again. That's it. You're collecting gems still, with nothing to buy with them, and no noticeable effect for having bought the new characters, and "wings" for each. You're collecting money, with nothing left to spend it on. Honestly, the character onscreen is kind of standing there looking sad with nothing left to do. The gold is scrolling. The fairies are flitting around. There should have been more you could do with all the junk items from the left box. Buying turns at the box, just to sift through garbage hoping to find a better item was boring. Also, the numbers shown on the achievements, don't match all the actual achievements. "100" is shown, and the achievement is for "1000". Poor attention to detail. This had the makings of a great game. It felt like someone got excited about an idea, started writing the game, then stopped a third of the way through and published it. This had real serious potential. You can obviously do better.

diploms1 responds:

Hey, thank you for your feedback! Actually there is a new game in development. This time it's made in unity and will be improved in all aspects of the game! It's called Chicken Assasssin:Master of Humiliation. You can follow the development vlogs on our youtube channel:

Great game! Very nice graphics, also liked the way the fights work. However there isn't really an ending to the game.. once you get everything there's nothing left to do except quit.. All in all a good game though!
-fix the inventory on fullscreen!