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Toad Says "Hi!"

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Toad wants to greet you hi, but with little luck...

Made with Flipnote Studio 3D
Audio: A Hoops&Yoyo e-Card.


not too bad. it's nice and funny!

I like the idea behind it althoug hi would have gone about it a completely different way. Try smoothing out your voice acting so viewers can't hear the background feedback. Also try to make an animation without the early stages of animating. By my last sentence I mean that before you upload the vid, i would try making sure the animation didn't have dots all over the characters. In my own opinion without the dots it would have looked a whole lot better. Also I would probably add one more thing. I did like how you added a couple of props to the animation like the piece of paper on the fishing line and the scene number change thing. I liked those but you should probably give the animation a background instead of a blank white space, like an acting set or a performance stage, any background would have made this a whole lot better just because the background of an animation and/or film provides a lot of helpful info and insight into the deep down story any film is trying to present. If all that was fixed or even half the things were fixed I would have rated it a lot higher. Just remember that if you want something to seem good then make sure people will remember it and want to show it to other people. Other than that I liked the vid.

MattBoo responds:

This was something I did to try out Flipnote Studio 3D which at the time I just received. The dots all over the characters were the way the software lets you color them without having them look super red. Yet thanks for the advice!

You should have exported it and added better sound. I always redub my exported flipnotes.

MattBoo responds:

I have limited space on my school computer, but thanks for the advice!

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1.91 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2015
3:11 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody