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Papa Louie 3: When Sundae

rated 3.96 / 5 stars
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Action - Platformer - Puzzle

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Mar 19, 2015 | 9:08 AM EDT

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Captain Cori must rescue her crew and passengers from the clutches of the maniacal Radley Madish. Explore uncharted locations in the mysterious Land of Munchmore. Rescue customers and use them as playable characters; each with there own unique weapons and skills.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is great If you fail a level, you're able to re-start it from the last checkpoint while keeping your progress.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


And kind to the player. If you fail a level, you're able to re-start it from the last checkpoint while keeping your progress.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wonderful, I like your character a lot.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I'll tell you this much, I think this is very enjoyable too play and I would love to play this portable on a handheld device and anybody who could reply, but do all of ya'll who is playing this game think they could make a 3D (basic) platformer of the series? Now sure they may need to do a kickstarter, but i'll pay more then 100 US dollars just to try it out.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

So, Papa Louie 3! The entire Papa franchise, developed by Flipline Studios, revolves around food. Most games in it, like Papa's Burgeria, Papa's Pizzeria, Papa's Donuteria, etc. are basically food making simulators, where you assemble a costumer's order as perfectly as possible so you can get a good rating. I enjoy those games a lot, but they are not my favorite thing. The three Papa Louie games, though, follow a side scrolling platformer style, and are pretty much a spin-off to the rest of the franchise, and an excellent one at that.

In Papa Louie 3, the cruise ship S.S. Louie, commanded by Captain Cori, is holding an event to celebrate the inauguration of a seaside Freezeria, but an evil mad scientist by the name of Radley Madish wreaks havoc in the occasion, bringing rabid living foodstuffs through a creepy interdimensional portal from the Land of Munchmore into the ship to wreck the party. The open portal then proceeds to suck all costumers, along with Captain Cori, into Munchmore, where they'll have to put their skills and courage to the test in order to get to the bottom of this mayhem. Yeeeeah, that's kind of a silly plot, if you ask me, but is that really a problem? Nobody goes into this kind of game expecting Tolkien level storytelling, it's all about being fun to play and satisfying.

The graphics are cartoony and awesome, as expected from the Papa games. All sceneries look like real world environments that have been dominated by or rebuilt with candy. The first two levels, for instance, are styled as a beach that has been turned to sundae, being pretty delicious and enchanting. Then, of course, there is also Neapolitown, which looks like napolitan ice cream infested a tiny port town, Wintergreen Way, that's a lush green forest where it snows what seems to be either frosting or mint and Lake Chocodunk, a deliciously chocolatey plains and caves. Yummy. The enemies, appropriately, are all based on candy as well: you have the sundaesaurus, long sea snakes that look like gummy worms, pineapples, berries, little flying chocolate things, walking bananas, marshmallow stacks, ch-ch-ch-ch-cherrybombs and my grand favorite, popsicle torpedos... quite scrumptious. The music is, well, appropriate for the environments... it's always fun to listen to, and always fitting to their sceneries, but I don't have much to say about it.

The game itself, like I said before, is a side scrolling platformer, and a pretty solid one at that. You explore the environment by walking around and jumping into platforms, you can kill enemies by attacking them with a variety of weapons, which is very satisfying, and you can also do a Super Mario Brothers 3 styled slide through downward slopes, taking down any foes that get in your way. There are also some water parts, but those are a bit annoying, since the character keeps gravitating upwards in them. Still, even the water parts are not that bad, they are just a little less fun due to this shortcoming.

In every stage, rather than a simple, straight forward beginning through end goal, you get a list of missions to accomplish, in the vein of games such as Super Mario 64 or Banjo Kazooie. The missions include killing a certain amount of enemies, collecting special tokens (or warp keys), gathering coins and rescuing costumers, which is pretty much the icing on the sundae. Once you rescue a costumer, they become a playable character. The roster of playable characters is pretty big for a flash game, featuring as many as twenty eight unique dudes and dudettes. Most costumers come from previous games in the Papa franchise, like Hank the sheriff, that makes an appearance in Papa's Pancakeria, or the goth girl Willow, who first showed up in Papa's Hot Doggeria. People who have played those games will be delighted to see some of their favorite costumers get in action to save the day. All characters follow the familiar graphical style of the franchise, and most of them look pretty darn cool... well, save for the occasional Vicky who looks pretty plain. You can even buy different outfits for them, if you'd like, which doesn't really have much purpose, but is a neat addition to the game. Each character has a weapon, that can be either ranged or melee, varying from pineapple guns to bat boomerangs, to tiki torches and crossbows. While most weapons are awesome, some are just annoying, like Vicky's perfume bomb which arches over the enemies you're trying to hit more often than not. Then there's also character skills.

Some missions, in some stages, have a "need" icon underneath them, meaning that you can only accomplish that mission with a character that has the skill corresponding to the icon. For instance, in the first stage, in order to rescue Hank, you need a swim-boost character, but the first swimming character you run into, Utah, is found in level 2, meaning you sometimes have to go back to previous levels with new characters in order to accomplish missions you couldn't before. This backtracking aspect of the gameplay is a nice way to tie things together, in my opinion, making the game feel a little more like an adventure. Other than Utah, Gremmie and a few others can also do the swim boost. Then we have the wall climbing skill, forward dashing (which can be performerd by the BAMF Akari from Papa's Burgeria, which I absolutely adore) and downward stomping, both of which can break cracker blocks. At last, there are also double jumps to reach greater heights, and finally there's the gliding skill, held by the likes of Foodini and the man himself, Papa Louie! All of those skills are required for at least one mission in levels prior to the appearance of the first character who can do them, which is a pretty neat way to keep things consistent in my opinion.

Most levels are well designed and fun to explore, and some of them contain pretty interesting elements of their own. All levels are pretty well designed, meant to be challenging, but never disorienting. What I mean is that the stages are challenging due to the plethora of foes standing in your way, and the platforming bits that you'll have to explore and sometimes be quick to cross, but the areas are never such that it's possible to get lost in them. The levels are laid out such that, if you're doing a mission that requires no special skills, the path you have to take is clear and linear, and if you're doing a mission that requires skills, finding out where to use them is never an annoying search quest.

Then, of course, like in any action adventure game, there are also a few boss fights, such as the one against Le Punch in level four. Le Punch has a pretty simple pattern, akin to the patterns seen in classic platformer bosses of the past, and he's pretty easy to beat once you get the hang of it. I'm actually a bit ashamed to admit it took me four tries to beat him using Willow. Why I chose Willow? No good reason, I just like her.

While the game starts relatively easy, the difficulty eventually begins to pick up, with more and more chaotic platforming sections to traverse in each level, with an ever increasing number of enemies to fight or flee, and a few surprise traps in your way to make things more interesting and challenging. You only have three hit points, and that's gonna feel like it's more than enough for the first four or five stages, but it will eventually become a very short lifebar that you will have to be very cautious to mantain. Thankfully, checkpoints fully replenish your health, there are a few single heart replenishers spread throughout the levels, and whenever you die in a stage, you can simply start the stage back in your last checkpoint, still carrying whatever tokens and coins you already had the when you reached it. The only annoying thing is that, if you die in a stage because you want to restart it from scratch rather than from a checkpoint, you literally have to quit your current game and re-enter your save file, which is quite a hassle.

One thing that really impressed me about this game is that it's pretty darn long for a Browser game. You know, how much time do you expect to spend in order to beat a Flash, HMTL5 or Unity game? Well, I'm four straight hours into this game and I still haven't finished it. This is great news, actually, it means the game has a lot of content, almost to the point where it feels like it could be a commercial game. The game is long, but not in a single moment did it feel dull, repetitive or grindy, just a straight-forward action adventure.

So, breaking it down, this game has a sweet presentation, a plethora of nice features, an enjoyable, simple gameplay and a lot of content. I'll be giving it a 4.5/5, but only because of few design flaws here and there, such as the aforementioned checkpoint issue, plus the fact that you only heal the first time you pass by a checkpoint, which is pretty annoying.

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